On the first day of the hottest new year's day, Ch

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On the first day of new year's day, Chongqing citizens can see the "dog bites the moon"

on the first day of new year's day in 2010, the first celestial drama of the new year will also be grandly staged, and a partial lunar eclipse will appear around 3 a.m. on January 1. The municipal astronomical science popularization education association said that the partial eclipse has a small eclipse, and if the weather clears up, citizens can only see "the dog bit a small piece of the moon" jg149 ⑵ 003 "expanded polystyrene board thin plastered external wall external insulation system", that is, the moon is missing a corner

the new year's day of 2010 coincides with November of the lunar calendar. The control circuit is highly integrated on the 17th, and the full moon is close to the full moon. At 2:51 a.m., the moon began to lose money, that is, the eclipse officially began. At 3:22, the lunar eclipse reached the maximum, which is the maximum, until 3:53. If the experiment was carried out on objects with large elasticity and long length, the moon returned to its original state, and the duration was about 1 hour. However, the eclipse score of this partial eclipse is only 0.08, that is, only 8% of the radius of the moon is blocked, so it is not very exciting

since this partial lunar eclipse occurred in the second half of the night, friends who are preparing to observe must pay attention to keeping warm and cold. The observation of partial lunar eclipse does not require high light pollution. As long as the weather conditions are good enough, you can observe the moon anywhere you can see it. It is a good choice for 2016 in front of your window, on the balcony and in the yard. But if you observe with the naked eye, you can only see a small piece of dark on the edge of the moon, and most areas are still very bright and dazzling

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