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On the five reasons for the lack of information construction content

after the foam period, the information industry has begun to develop rapidly, but many problems have not been solved. At this time, it is very necessary to carefully sum up experience and lessons. Whether from the perspective of the development of information technology as a whole or the development of information industry, information content or information content industry is the weakest link

the reasons for the lack of content are complex, but to sum up, the recovery rate of recyclable cultural paper rose to 75% in 2019 and 85% in 2020, respectively, in the following five aspects

the first is the problem of concept. On the one hand, the goal of establishing information system is not clear, and there is also a general situation of informatization for informatization. It is often considered that the task has been completed when the delivery link is established, regardless of the content and application

the second is the lack of regulations. So far, there are few laws in the field of information in China. The telecommunications law has been drafted for many years and has not been promulgated. The information disclosure law has not been drafted. The recent implementation of the "electronic signature law" is a great progress, but its legal position is low, which can only solve the problems at the level of operation and implementation. In general, the lack of legal basis is an important factor restricting the development of informatization, including information content

the third is system segmentation. Due to the influence of long-term planned economy, segmentation is widespread in China. In the field of information technology, it is manifested as monopolizing information content and unwilling to share the information they own with others

fourth, the industrial chain does not adapt. Information system should have content first, and then be applied through transmission. Because the information service industry is mainly developed from, and the content in is provided by users, which has nothing to do with operators, it constitutes two links of users and networks. Only then did there appear business links that could provide a large amount of content. Therefore, in terms of the background of the industrial chain, its development direction is opposite to the information system itself

the fifth is the problem of interests and their distribution. On the one hand, because Internet originated in the field of scientific research and education, it did not establish a model of charging according to cost and obtaining benefits, which led to difficulties in industrialization after entering the commercial field. On the other hand, because network operators are in a strong central position, content providers must contact users through the Chinese name polylactic acid network, so network operators are in an absolutely advantageous position in the distribution of benefits. Due to the habit of monopolizing business for a long time in the past, network operators are often unable to cooperate with others. Zhai Guang drives the mobile beam to rise and fall through the precision screw pair after the deceleration of the deceleration system, including the reasonable distribution of benefits by content providers, which seriously affects the enthusiasm of content providers

to solve these problems, we must first resolutely implement the scientific concept of development, and the establishment and operation of information systems must serve the people, so we must provide healthy and rich content. Secondly, we should speed up the construction of laws and regulations, including telecommunications law, information disclosure law, information security law, e-commerce law, etc. The drafting of regulations must stand on the national position and reasonably deal with the relationship between the government, enterprises and the public. Once there is a law, it must be strictly enforced

in terms of government information, it is necessary to integrate all sectors, establish a public platform, and provide one-stop services based on information disclosure and public service. For business information, enterprises should be encouraged to provide sufficient commodity and trade information through the Internet, establish a public platform for e-commerce to serve the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, establish an integrity system, improve the reliability and credibility of information, realize the unity of business flow, capital flow and logistics with information flow, improve the efficiency of transactions, and reduce transaction costs

at the same time, we should vigorously develop the information content industry, including content development, collection and processing, reprocessing, and the electronization of all kinds of paper information. The information service industry should realize the reasonable reorganization of the industrial chain, and establish close cooperation in all links of content provision, information dissemination and user access services, so as to realize the reasonable distribution of interests, and each should perform its duties and get its place. (end)

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