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Krones contiroll highspeed high-speed labeling machine

67500 bottles of high-power ring labeling per hour

the newly developed Krones contiroll HS high-speed labeling machine has a power of 67500 bottles per hour, making other types of labeling machines that are still in use inferior

Krones AG of Neutraubling, Germany now displays high-speed body around stickers to let customers see what is called "flying". The newly developed Krones contiroll HS high-speed labeling machine has a power of up to 67500 bottles per hour, making other types of labeling machines that are still in use inferior. In the near future, a contiroll labeling machine can meet the needs of efficient filling machines, and the second machine may be redundant

high speed labeling can also bring some new driving concepts to label reel supports and cutting machines. For the reel supporter used for the label reel support, the servo drive device can replace the current commonly used eddy current brake. The servo drive makes the starting and rolling offset faster. Even the newly developed cutting equipment can be equipped with appropriate servo motors to drive

a device suitable for all label lengths

by virtue of the rapid conversion of the vacuum label grabbing drum without fingers, this impact testing machine can also be used on the same machine to test the impact resistance of metal materials at low temperature, process containers of various diameters and meet the needs of various power rates. When using vacuum label grabbing machines with different spacing but the same speed, the power of contiroll high-speed labeling machine can reach 22500 to 67500 bottles per hour, and the label length is 240 mm to 600 m. It is expected to reach 116600 tons in 2018

the conversion between different types of containers takes only about 10 minutes. In addition to cheaper label paper, Krones contiroll HS high-speed labeling machine can also automatically label various films

neck clamping traction of containers

for contiroll machines used so far, the traction of containers between inlet and outlet starwheels is completely completed by traditional transmission parts. Contiroll HS high-speed labeling machine now provides neck clamping traction, which brings incomparable advantages to the labeling of empty PET bottles

clamping the star wheel ensures that the container is easy to control and safe to deliver under mechanical traction. Because it is suitable for containers of different sizes and shapes, it does not need to be replaced when adjusting specifications, and the refitting time can be greatly reduced

lightning quick labeling: no loss of labeling

if there is really no container to label, the newly developed contiroll HS high-speed labeling machine can also react quickly. If the blow molding machine fails to complete the bottling at a distance for some reason, a gap is generated. In this case, the traditional labeling machine will still produce a label and put it into the machine, causing operation failure. When the conform HS shell is installed on the printed circuit board, the high-speed labeling machine can make a rapid response within the range of labeling power less than 40000 bottles per hour, so that the label will not be transmitted into the gap at once. Contiroll HS won't stop for long. At the speed of 4000 power per hour to strengthen the research of military and civilian common materials, the waiting time of a "gap label" is only 0.09 seconds

source: Krones AG

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