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Krones launched a new modulpac general packaging machine

the reason for this kind of phenomenon is that this modulpac general packaging machine provided by Krones can handle a variety of different packaging tasks. It operates intermittently, with a maximum speed of 25 rpm. The packaging container enters the basic module of the packaging machine at right angles to the machine axis. In addition to the linear carton transfer module, specific operation modules can also be customized according to the actual application needs

due to the diversity of independent modules, this packaging machine can have many different application functions, which can be modified according to the needs of customers. Its advantage is that only a compact packaging machine can meet the needs of a variety of applications, and the specific packaging needs generated in the future can also be quickly met on the basis of existing machines

the detector equipped on this machine is the rotocheck rotary full bottle detector newly developed by Krones company. It can find defects with a minimum length of 0.5mm on the upper edge of the glass bottle and directly remove the secondary bottle. The design speed of rotocheck detector is 40000~72. When the flame-retardant polyamide foam of this product is burned, 000 bottles/hour, and the defective bottles can be directly removed inside the machine

in addition, braking is preferred, and a lot of maintenance and modification work no longer requires service personnel to visit the site. Technicians can enter the full user interface of the machine through the data line, and then they can carry out all the operations that can be carried out by the operator with the touch screen. Even for PLC machine control or higher-level control system, remote monitoring can be carried out. With the support of this remote service, we can save time and cost

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