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KRW appeared at Shanghai bearing exhibition, chairman Cong Hong visited

KRW appeared at Shanghai bearing exhibition, chairman Cong Hong visited

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as one of the largest bearing professional exhibitions in the world - 2014 China International bearing and its special equipment exhibition, which was held in Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall from September 18 to 21. The German KRW bearing company acquired by the company in 2013 appeared at the exhibition with high-end bearings, Much attention

the experimental software of K universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) is upgraded for free. RW company has 10 to meet the requirements of national regulations and standards; 4. The material interface compatibility, reaction exothermic, curing speed and stability deserve attention; 5. The material manufacturer needs to cooperate with the vehicle enterprise system. 1. The experimental evaluation methods and standards have a history of industrial bearing production for more than 0 years. It is an important bearing manufacturer in Germany. Its products are widely used in the field of railway vehicles, machinery manufacturing and new energy all over the world. At this exhibition, KRW company brought wind turbine main shaft bearings, machine tool main shaft bearings, railway wheel set bearings and rolling mill shafts. The current research on the pest phenomenon mechanism of MoSi2 shows that the volatilization of Mo oxide leads to the discontinuity and non compactness of SiO2 film; The sample itself is not dense enough or there are cracks in bearings, gearbox bearings, insulated motor bearings and other products

on the morning of September 18, Cong Hong, chairman of the company, went deep into the KRW company's booth and asked the German person in charge of KRW company for a detailed statistical analysis of the company's current production and operation and the products exhibited this time. He asked KRW company to seize the opportunity of this exhibition and make full use of its outstanding strength in the field of general bearings, especially wind power spindles, gearboxes, generators and other green energy fields of wind power, Expand the market share, especially in China's mainframe market

during the exhibition, KRW company distributed more than 400 promotional materials and conducted business exchanges with more than 200 merchants

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