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Krones contracted to build Sabeco's brewery in Saigon

Krones Ag recently received a huge order. At the beginning of this year, Vietnam's famous Saigon beverage and Beer Corporation (Sabeco) was established in Guchi 5, Ho Chi Minh City The fitting clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large (Cu C we hope to expand the growth in this important area HI) the industrial zone has built its largest brewing workshop. In addition to a brewing workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Sabeco also has a number of local breweries that can now meet the basic needs of the domestic market. The production volume reached 500million liters, accounting for 30% of Vietnam's domestic beer market. By 2008, Sabeco will double the output of Gucci brewery. It is planned to invest 120 million US dollars to complete a brewing workshop that can produce 100million liters in 17 months, and will produce the first bottle of bottled beer in May 2007. Krones company undertook the construction of its whole plant equipment and workshop, which is another typical turnkey project

for the project, Krones made full use of the concept of EPC project construction, including workshop design, overall technology and attracting downstream contractors. As the general contractor of the project, Krones is responsible for the equipment and construction of the whole plant. The scope of the project ranges from filling workshop to equipment outside the workshop, including process workshop, storage tank area, filling room, water treatment room, office room, canteen, greening facilities, etc. Krones provides a saccharification room with a power of 100000 liters per hour, a complete set of process technology and two sets of recyclable glass bottle filling equipment with a production power of 30000 bottles per hour

source of information: Krones Group

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