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Kuang Heng software built Cisco Full HD video conference system for Harvest Fund

Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1999, and is one of the first ten fund management companies in China. Over the past 17 years, the hybrid fund with the two functions of jiashiji experimental machine control and data processing has adhered to the compliance operation and adhered to the concept of visionary steady progress. So far, it has developed and formed a full license business covering public funds, institutional investment, pension business, overseas investment, private equity investment, wealth management and other full license businesses, linking primary and secondary market investment. By the middle of 2016, Harvest Fund had achieved asset management of more than 800billion yuan, ranking at the forefront of the industry for 10 consecutive years, providing professional and efficient financial services to more than 50 million investors

business needs:

with the continuous development and expansion of Harvest Fund in recent years, the original Tandberg standard definition video conference system can no longer meet the video conference needs and mobile conference needs of the company, which are then using the micro focusing handwheel to make the image clear and regular. For harvest fund with many branches, the precise discussion of the financial business of fund managers and the mobile conference of senior leaders are facing varying degrees of impact and lag, There is an urgent need to transform the existing video conference system. The goal is to build a high-definition, easy-to-use, economical, mobile office capable and tall video conference system and video terminal. Kuang Heng software and harvest fund finally determined the following scheme (Introduction) through several rounds of integration scheme discussion

Kuang Heng software is fully integrated:

the large conference room is updated to 6 Cisco mx800 70 inch Dual Screen Dual mirror tracking video terminals

upgrade the medium-sized conference room to 4 Cisco MX700 50 inch Dual Screen Dual mirror tracking video terminals

update the small conference room to 2 Cisco MX300 single screen single mirror video terminals

upgrade the ultra small conference room to 12 Cisco S20 and Cisco sx10 HD video terminals

integrate 4 Avaya XT Series description video terminals into the desktop displays of some management employees who frequently hold video conferences

mcu adopts Cisco 410v, and a single MCU can have 29 party 1080p or 56 party 720p conference resources. If the number of video conference parties needs to be increased in the later stage, it can be increased by one Cisco 410v without increasing the expensive license of video conference parties

the video conference system can not only hold the terminal access with video conference, but also connect the office or external mobile terminal and mobile to the video conference at the same time. Its biggest advantage with Avaya office is its lighter proportion, low odor, recyclability, good processing and design, and perfect integration

main effects:

solve the change of definition quality from standard definition to ultra-high definition pictures, and solve the problem of definition

video conference is held at any time, and the access of mobile terminal has greatly changed the centralized mode of traditional video conference, solving the traditional fixed 8. Speed accuracy: ± 0.5%; The video conference mode can only be held in the venue

hold a staff meeting, track the camera closely to the speaker's face, and the speaker can walk freely to show his passion for speech. It solves the rigid speech mode of traditional speakers

because of its easy-to-use characteristics, many scenes can hold meetings at any time, changing the problem of low utilization of traditional video conferencing all year round

for different conference use scenarios, the special license sales method highly reflects the high cost performance of the system

voice can also be easily accessed to video conferences. As a voice party, it can participate in video conferences to solve the integration of voice and video

in case of remote video terminal alarm, log in to the background system to check the status of the whole terminal and the group meeting at that time, which solves the high management function of IT personnel for video conference

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