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Kraus Murphy invested US $6million to build a surface treatment agent center.

Kraus Murphy, a leading German manufacturer of polyurethane machinery to improve the performance of carbon materials, recently decided to spend US $6million but yuan to establish a new surface treatment agent center at its headquarters in Munich to replace the existing paint factory serving its injection molding assembly line

once this new processing center is put into operation at the end of the year, it will keep the mechanical spraying and assembly links of Claus mafi in step, so that the formed components can be delivered to the assembly line in time

Klaus Maffei will install a conveyor belt with a maximum bearing weight of 35 tons above the new processing center, and another plate named assembly center will be specially responsible for spraying the mechanical parts that are too large for ordinary assembly lines. This modern spray brush equipment can not only save working time and improve production efficiency, but also give the injection molding press a more superior surface treatment effect

dietmartraub, President of the company, said that Klaus mafi was proving his strength with his investment in the present and future

Klaus mafi is currently cooperating with many professional equipment installation companies and surface treatment technology companies to minimize carbon emissions and water consumption involved in this project

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