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KUKA brings a variety of robots to the China (Foshan) International Intelligent Robot Expo

on December, 2020 China (Foshan) international intelligent robot, which is an Equipment Expo with good stability (iire for short), was held in Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of cooperation and win-win under the changing global situation, this Expo brings together top robot manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad to comprehensively display cutting-edge products, core technologies and the latest application solutions in various fields of robots. The Expo is hosted by the China Institute of electronics, supported by the Foshan Municipal People's government, CO organized by the Management Committee of Foshan Sino German industrial service zone (sanlongwan), and undertaken by Guangdong Tanzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd

KUKA, as the world's outstanding intelligent solution provider based on robot automation, is bringing a number of new robot products such as Kr 4 agilus, Kr SCARA, Kr iontec, Kr Quantec to this Expo. Welcome to hall 2 2a03 at the exhibition site

introduction to exhibits

kr 4 agilus

kr 4 agilus, as a milestone product developed by KUKA China, has a larger load and longer arm span, with a maximum payload of 4kg and an arm span of 600mm. The compact design integrates excellent performance and larger workspace, which can be applied to demanding and space limited work processes. It is especially suitable for faster, more efficient and more flexible assembly, picking and placement of electronic components, screwing, bonding, packaging, testing or inspection and other applications. It is suitable for 3C industries with cumbersome processes and high repetition

kr scara

Kr SCARA, independently developed by KUKA China, shows high efficiency in the assembly, handling and material testing of small parts. It has impressive fast work beat time, maximum load of 6kg, arm span of 500mm and 700mm. At the same time, it has rich cable interfaces, which are easy to connect and can handle a variety of tasks

kr iontec

kr iontec is a medium load robot with high performance and large workspace, with better dynamic performance and shorter beat time. The robot can be installed in any position and is suitable for loading and unloading, handling, assembly, machining, laser welding and arc welding, brazing, gluing, sealing and other application scenarios

kr quantec-2

the Kr Quantec 2 brought by this exhibition is a product combination with large load capacity and working range in the field of high load level, with a payload of 120300 kg and a distance of 27003100 mm. As the first industrial robot with digital motion mode, Kr quantec-2 has set the next milestone in the production field of Chinalco Luotong materials for the "heart" of future new energy vehicles. This versatile KUKA hand can be perfectly adapted to almost all market segments - from the automotive industry, foundry industry, to the medical industry

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