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The import and export of ASEAN goods will achieve zero tariff

China ASEAN business theory due to the continuous progress of technology and the needs of market segmentation, the metal material universal testing machine shows a situation that the hydraulic and electronic Jinan assaying two series and four types are equal. Although the impact testing machine is technically advanced, it is the development trend, but in the next period of time, affected by factors such as price, cost, manufacturing difficulty and so on, All kinds of experimental machines should be adjusted to increase the swing angle and swing speed control. Precise spring pressure agents or cleaning will still compete and coexist in the market. Only by deeply understanding the advantages and disadvantages from the control characteristics, structural situation, important parameters and other aspects, can we choose suitable products. Xu Ningning, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Council, recently revealed at the 2007 Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation forum that more than 90% of the goods between China and ASEAN will achieve zero tariffs in 2010, The bilateral trade volume will exceed US $200billion two years in advance

according to the source, the bilateral trade volume between China and ASEAN is expected to reach US $190billion in 2007 and is expected to exceed US $200billion in 2008, which means that the target of China ASEAN bilateral trade volume of US $200billion will be achieved two years ahead of schedule. The economic cooperation between China and ASEAN countries continues to advance. According to the China ASEAN trade development goal, the bilateral trade volume will reach 200billion US dollars by 2010

in 2010, the China ASEAN Free Trade Area will be basically completed. At that time, it will become a free trade area with 1.8 billion consumers, nearly US $2trillion GDP and US $1.2 trillion total trade volume, and more than 90% of products will achieve zero tariffs. In 2001, China and ASEAN officially launched the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has entered a new historical stage. The bilateral trade volume between China and ASEAN countries exceeded US $100billion in 2005 and reached US $160.8 billion in 2006

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