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Analysis of import and export statistics of China's agricultural machinery industry in 2014

analysis of import and export statistics of China's agricultural machinery industry in 2014

information on China's construction machinery

as the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing and demand country, in recent years, with the improvement of domestic agricultural mechanization level, many links of agricultural mechanization, especially grain crops, have basically realized mechanization, and the decline in rigid demand caused by market saturation has become increasingly prominent, With the increasingly fierce market competition, the export of agricultural machinery has increasingly become an important market orientation for many enterprises to achieve strategic transfer and breakthrough. In 2013, under the environment of global market turbulence and weak market demand, China's agricultural machinery export enterprises further increased, and the export varieties were more abundant. Agricultural machinery exports still delivered qualified answers. In 2014, although China's agricultural machinery export was affected by the complex world economic situation and the uncertainty increased sharply, it is still expected in terms of export fundamentals, export regions and categories

the import and export of agricultural machinery increased slightly, and the monthly trend was ups and downs

in 2013, China's agricultural machinery export market showed the characteristics of high-level operation and small growth under the comprehensive action of various factors. Statistics show that China has achieved a cumulative export delivery value of 31.081 billion yuan throughout the year, an increase of 6.6% year-on-year. According to the statistics of China's customs, in 2013, the cumulative import and export trade volume of agricultural machinery reached US $11.93 billion, an increase of 6% year-on-year, 2.28 percentage points higher than the average increase, and the trade surplus reached US $6.825 billion. Among the 13 major machinery industries in China, the year-on-year growth rate ranks fourth after the electrical and electrical, heavy mining and automotive industries. Among them, the export of agricultural machinery reached US $9.38 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 7.1%, 0.9 percentage points higher than the average increase; Imports reached US $2.55 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the average growth rate

according to the survey of the current situation report of the agricultural machinery industry, the monthly trend of China's agricultural machinery import shows ups and downs. The monthly year-on-year performance showed that the first half of the year fluctuated greatly. In the second half of the year, after falling to the bottom in July, it began to rise month by month, and fell to the end below December. From the perspective of monthly comparison, the export peak in the first half of the year occurred in March and April, and then entered the trough period; The peak in the second half of the year occurred in July and November, and October became the month with the largest decline. After plastic packaging successfully achieved lightweight,

from the monthly trend analysis of agricultural machinery exports, in the first half of the year, the monthly year-on-year trend showed the characteristics of high opening and low going. After falling to the bottom in June, it began to rise month by month in July, continued to November, and finally ended with a small growth of 6.5%. From the month on month analysis, January to October showed the characteristics of monthly growth. November and December increased for two consecutive months, especially in December, with an increase of 19.2%, becoming the month with the highest annual growth

uneven hot and cold price competition of export products

from the analysis of China's agricultural machinery exports in 2013, the outstanding performance of China's six major export series products is that the uneven hot and cold of each series, including land preparation and management machinery, tractors, sowing and planting machinery, and agricultural vehicles, showed varying degrees of growth, with a total of 145676 units, 217621 units, 16531 units exported throughout the year, an increase of 9%, 17.7%, 56.7% and 34.3% respectively year-on-year; The corresponding growth rate of export value was significantly different, with year-on-year growth of 10.3%, 3.8%, 22.7% and 3.7% respectively. The price of a single machine except for tillage and land preparation and management machinery was basically the same as that of last year, and other machinery showed a downward trend

on the contrary, from the analysis of harvest machinery, garden and park machinery, milking machines and other export growth declines, statistics show that last year, 24770 sets, sets (pieces) and 20099 sets were exported respectively, with a year-on-year decrease of 14.9%, 5.1% and 15.9% respectively. The corresponding export value decreased by 19.5%, 1% and 25.3% respectively. Except for garden and park machinery, which were basically the same as last year, the single export price of the other two products decreased slightly

this shows that everyone can rest assured to know that the growth momentum of China's agricultural machinery export in was driven by small machinery on the one hand, and the export price on the other hand showed a downward trend. In addition, it also showed that China's export price competition was very fierce

the foreign trade demand of imported variety Binghuo tends to be large-scale

from the analysis of China's agricultural machinery import, the import volume of three series of products in China increased in 2013, including land preparation and management machinery, harvesting machinery and garden machinery, park machinery, etc. the import volume was 7904 units, 6673 units and 8424 units, which were two units to improve safety, with year-on-year growth of 2.56%, 7.49% and 41.62% respectively. The import amount increased by 22.25%, -14.6% and 7.59% respectively, indicating that China's import of tillage machinery is mainly large-scale, while harvesting machinery, garden and Park Machinery tend to be small-scale

on the contrary, tractors, sowing and planting machinery, milking machinery and agricultural vehicles decreased by 11.5%, 10%, 6.5% and 72.6% year-on-year respectively. From the corresponding import amount, which fell by 16.1%, 0.96%, 13.84% and 50.4% year-on-year, we can see that the import price of a single tractor, sowing and planting machinery is lower than that of the previous year, indicating that the imported models of these two types of machinery tend to be miniaturized; On the contrary, the single price of milking machines and agricultural vehicles was significantly higher than that of the previous year, indicating that the trend of large-scale import of these two types of machinery is obvious. In particular, the price of a single large milking machine is more than three times that of the previous year, and the large-scale feature is very prominent. This shows that milking machines, especially large-scale milking machines, are the weak link of China's agricultural machinery industry, and also the blue ocean and business opportunities of China's agricultural machinery enterprises. With the improvement of the living standards of urban and rural residents, animal husbandry will be an industry vigorously supported by the Chinese government in the future. At that time, the demand for closely related milking machines is expected to further increase

the concentration of export regions has increased, and the exporting countries are becoming more and more stable.

the technical status and development characteristics of China's agricultural machinery products determine that the regional characteristics of China's agricultural machinery export are relatively significant, which are shown as follows: first, the export commodities have greater cost performance and outstanding price competitive advantages; Second, export commodities are mainly small and medium-sized, which determines that China's export regions are mostly concentrated in economically underdeveloped regions, especially walking tractors and combine harvesters are mainly concentrated in Asia and Africa, accounting for more than 90%; Third, with the progress of China's agricultural machinery products and the continuous optimization of the export structure of agricultural machinery, vicious price competition is decreasing year by year, exports are gradually developing to large-scale and high-end, and China's export region is expanding to more developed regions

from the analysis of China's agricultural machinery commodity export regions in 2013, except for the decline in the concentration of individual export categories, the concentration of most commodity export regions showed an increasing trend. Taking the four types of export commodities of combine harvesters, wheeled tractors, walking tractors and grain seeders as examples, the export value of the top 10 export regions last year was 122.6608 million US dollars, 252.8967 million US dollars, 90.0945 million US dollars and 3.3602 million US dollars respectively, accounting for 92.53%, 66.68%, 93.56% and 70.97% respectively; Compared with the same period last year, it increased by -1.44%, 6.17%, 1.54% and 4.90% respectively. From this, we can see that among the above four categories of commodities, except for the concentration of the top 10 export regions of combine harvesters, the concentration of other categories has increased to varying degrees

from the analysis of export countries, the characteristics are also very prominent. For example, China's walking tractors have been locked in Bangladesh, India and Ukraine for many years. In 2013, China exported 76952 walking tractors to these three countries, with an amount of US $71.8055 million, accounting for 78.49% and 74.57% of the total exports respectively. Combine harvesters are similar, and the main exporting countries are concentrated in Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia; Wheeled tractors, ploughs, seeders, and tillage models sometimes call customers' problems, and this feature is also very prominent in the export areas of soil preparation machinery and other categories. On the one hand, this phenomenon reflects that the regional adaptability of agricultural machinery products in China needs to be further improved; On the other hand, it also shows that China's agricultural machinery enterprises should strengthen the expansion of agricultural machinery regions

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