Four secrets of smart housewives' decoration accep

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1. Don't look at the day, look at the night, don't look at sunny days, look at rainy days

process flow:

01. Be familiar with the drawings and construct according to the drawings. Use a horizontal tube to copy out the horizontal line, and snap the reference line with an ink line. For partial ceiling rooms, if the original ceiling is not horizontal, the ceiling should be made horizontally or in line with the original ceiling, which should be determined by the customer after consulting the designer

02. The arc-shaped top shape should be set out on the ground first, and it can be put on the top only after it is confirmed to be correct, so as to ensure smooth lines

03. The main reinforcement of ceiling shall not be less than 30 × 50 wooden keel, spacing 800-1000, must use 100 × 8 steel expansion fixed, about 1





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