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Family decoration needs to pay attention to many details, whether it is the design of the whole space or color matching, or a series of problems such as decoration, partition, ceiling and so on

there are many details that need to be paid attention to in home decoration. Whether it is the design of the whole space or the color matching, or a series of problems such as decoration, partition, ceiling, etc., they all need to be carefully and reasonably matched. Today, Xiaobian will show you the design results of home decoration partition created for you

we all know that house decoration has many styles and styles, and different designs have different effects. Each collocation is based on the overall design. Only a reasonable collocation can have a unique spatial effect, otherwise it will appear messy. For example, aisle and living room, dining room and living room, all of which require us to separate them with a special thing and distinguish them with a soft partition effect, which will appear large and not messy

Mediterranean style partition:

Mediterranean style is based on blue, and the main style is the effect of pattern. In this space, the owner uses a special material to separate the living room from the kitchen. A fishing net, a TV wall, a hemp rope wrapped around the column, such a unique partition appeared. Is such a partition very creative

modern style partition:

this modern style partition has a little pastoral flavor. The whole space has a breath of nature. The blue carved wooden partition is the highlight of this room. It also plays a role in separating the kitchen from the living room, and the use of a beautiful partition has the matching effect that this space should have

simple style partition:

take Beige as the keynote, place the wooden carved partition in it, separate the restaurant, and make the whole space appear large and not messy. The collocation of green plants beside the partition is one of its highlights, which makes the whole quiet space look so energetic. This is the charm of partition and decoration

Chinese style partition:

does the space effect of pure Chinese style make you instantly experience the unique charm of the Chinese people? The carved partition of solid wood improves the taste of the whole space just right, not closed in the past, not too open, and reflects the subtle and extreme Chinese style. Chinese furniture, Chinese ceiling, Chinese windows, Chinese wallpaper, etc. in the whole space reflect each other with the partition! A scholarly and elegant temperament is floating in the whole space

Simple European style partition:

simple colors, white furniture, green plants with formal simple European characteristics. This partition is made of crystal curtain, which separates the dining room from the living room in the form of a soft partition. The looming feeling is the unique charm of this space! Give full play to the simple European style

European style partition:

luxury, elegance, rich colors and exquisite furniture are the characteristics of European style, and the carved partition with metal texture is the highlight of the whole room. In the extremely luxurious living room, the simple carved metal partition makes the whole room less boring. It is also the charm of this partition

crystal curtain partition:

crystal chandelier with crystal curtain partition is in a suitable room. The simple and generous space design, the color of wallpaper and carpet match just right, and the beige sofa and beige lighting effect create a very good sense of warmth in the room. Let the whole house look particularly harmonious and beautiful

Mediterranean dream partition:

the Mediterranean style house decoration in the middle is particularly dreamy. The streamlined space design, wooden ceiling and furniture, ceramic crafts and hollow partition are matched together to show the characteristics of the Mediterranean vividly. Let the Mediterranean also be artistic

the relevant information about home decoration partition design is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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