University Teachers sun 42 square meters of exquis

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Bob and ran are university teachers. They both like the modern simple style of home, which is simple, bright, simple and generous. Therefore, their 42 square meter small apartment did not hesitate to choose the modern simple style. The bedroom and living room are integrated, and the restaurant and kitchen are integrated. Although the house is small, the space is easy. If you also have such a small apartment, you might as well learn about their space utilization. Small houses can also be so amazing

the design of the porch is very simple, only a mirror and a hook for hanging clothes are arranged, and the floor adopts “ W” Shape laying, simple and personalized

a shelf is made opposite the mirror, and a small stool is placed. It is designed as a small rest area, where you can sit and have a cup of coffee or look at the photo album. If one party's friends come to talk about things, this can also become an independent area of the other party, which will not cause trouble to the other party




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