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For people who have just finished decorating their house, a very distressing thing is that the formaldehyde content in the house is relatively high after decorating. At this time, if we move in directly, it is very detrimental to our health and will suffer from many diseases. How can we remove formaldehyde in the newly decorated house? Formaldehyde exceeding the standard has been around the decoration of new houses, which is also the most harmful gas causing indoor air pollution. According to the current situation of the decoration market, formaldehyde is essential as long as the house is decorated, but only the content. Formaldehyde exceeding the standard is very important for many owners, but how can non industry people judge whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard? How much does it exceed the standard? Now let me share with you

how to detect formaldehyde in newly decorated houses? Formaldehyde is considered to be the first master of indoor killers. It widely exists in things we contact in daily life, such as wood boards, ceilings, wallpaper, furniture, carpets, paint, etc., especially in the house we have just finished decoration. The content of formaldehyde is very high, which threatens our healthy life. Therefore, before moving in, we must know how to detect formaldehyde and detect the content of formaldehyde in the newly decorated house. Next, let's learn how to detect formaldehyde and remove formaldehyde in the newly decorated house

how to detect formaldehyde in newly decorated houses

1 Please find a third-party Xinfang formaldehyde testing company to provide relevant testing certificates

2. Formaldehyde self-test box

self-test box has large error and inaccurate data, which can only be used as a reference

3. Self test method

for example: collective cold, low immunity, headache and dizziness

4. Animal and plant reactions

observe the reactions of animals and plants, such as plant wilting and death, pet illness

5. Physical and chemical methods

third party testing companies use more, including phenol reagent spectrophotometry, sensor method, etc

6. Other inspection methods

1. Ventilation. Easy to operate, long-term use

2. Plants. It has certain adsorption

3. Photocatalyst. Effectively remove formaldehyde and other gases, without secondary pollution

how to remove formaldehyde in newly decorated houses

I. plant absorption method:

1. Chlorophytum comosum

is also called “ Farewell crane ” The effect of adsorbing toxic gases is good. It's good for people's health

2. Aloe

aloe: absorbs peculiar smell, beautifies the room, and has a long effect time

3. Cactus

cactus: absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is easy to survive

4. Ping An tree

Ping An tree: releases a fresh gas, also known as “ Cinnamon &rdquo

II. Activated carbon absorption method

1. Environmental protection packaging: cut the old cloth into square blocks, put an appropriate amount of 60 or 100g activated carbon in the cloth, and put it in the pollution source

2. Decoration and deodorization: replace the activated carbon package in different positions

3. The activated carbon is wrapped in the inconspicuous corner of the home or in the furniture

4. After several months of use, it can be recycled after being exposed to the sun for a whole day

5. Please keep it sealed with a shelf life of three years

III. remove formaldehyde with black tea

make two basins of black tea water, put it in the room, and open the window for ventilation

IV. use coal ash

prepare 400g coal ash, sub pack it with washbasin, and put it into the room where formaldehyde needs to be removed

how to judge whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard

1. The pungent odor is heavy

2. I feel chest tightness when I get up in the morning

3. I often have poor breathing and dry throat

4. People often catch colds, especially the old, pregnant and young

5. The fish in the fish tank are dead

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