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The consumer Mr. Lin bought a wardrobe and a bed for his daughter in a furniture city. After two years of use, Mr. Lin found that his daughter at the stage of growth and development would not grow tall. He believed that the propaganda of all solid wood in the furniture city at that time was exaggerated and false, and suspected that the formaldehyde in furniture exceeded the standard. In this regard, Mr. Lin sued furniture city to the court. The result of the lawsuit was that the court ruled that the furniture city had committed fraud against consumers and asked the furniture city to compensate Mr. Lin for more than 30000 yuan

like Mr. Lin, there are not a few consumers who encounter quality problems in the process of home decoration, but not many citizens are aware of and know how to protect their rights. The reporter found that many home decoration complaints ended up in vain

◆ successful cases of home decoration rights protection

case 1: retain fake goods as evidence of rights protection

playback: Ms. Gao specially found a well-known decoration company when decorating, and the decoration contract was signed in the form of half package, that is, in addition to tiles, doors, and overall cabinets, other decoration materials were provided by the decoration company. In the decoration contract, the budget book said Dulux fantasy home latex paint, but Ms. GAO found that the Dulux latex paint provided by the company was a fake, and the words dedicated to the decoration company were printed on the paint bucket. After negotiation, the decoration company reduced the budget of Ms. Gao's new house decoration paint, and Ms. Gao purchased paint materials and asked workers for construction. Both parties prepared a written agreement as a guarantee

analysis: what should we do if we find that the materials provided by the decoration company are fraudulent? Consumers should take good care of fake products and complain to the Consumer Council or the court as proof of rights protection. After rights protection, it is confirmed that the decoration company pretends to be genuine. Consumers can require the decoration company to redecorate and bear the loss of overdue delivery. At the same time, they can also require the decoration company to bear twice the decoration cost of fake products in the contract

case 2: understand relevant laws and regulations and find legal basis for safeguarding rights

playback: Ms. Zhou's house was decorated at the beginning of last year. At the beginning of this year, it was found that the kitchen leaked and soaked the ceiling of downstairs residents. The decoration company once came to repair it, but it didn't fix it. Later, the decoration company said that according to the contract signed at that time, the warranty period had expired. If it needs to be repaired, it needs to pay extra. Later, I consulted the home decoration industry association and learned that the general warranty period of residential decoration projects is at least two years. Finally, after the coordination of the industry association, the final decoration company promised to be responsible for the repair

analysis: according to Article 32 of the measures for the administration of residential interior decoration: under normal conditions of use, the minimum warranty period of residential interior decoration works is 2 years, and the leakage prevention of kitchens, toilets and exterior walls with waterproof requirements is 5 years. But in reality, some decoration companies write the warranty scope very simply in the contract, so as to reduce the responsibility

before signing the contract, consumers should understand the relevant details of after-sales service, especially in the home decoration industry, which involves high costs and cumbersome construction. It is best to explain the warranty period and conditions in black and white with the home decoration company




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