A brief comment on the PE market of China Plastics

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On November 10, China Plastics warehouse receipt PE market brief comment

I. brief comment on linear warehouse receipts:

today's linear warehouse receipts can be downloaded from the top at any time. The latest version can jump high and open high. The overall trend is basically stable without obvious fluctuations. The main warehouse receipts in each month closed up, and the final linear warehouse receipt index closed at 1352.56 points, up 21.08 points from the previous trading day. On the daily K-line chart of the index, the short positive line with a bald head was closed, and the 5-day moving average was crossed by the 60 day moving average, and the rising range became steeper. The transaction volume decreased slightly, and the order volume increased significantly

ll0701 jumped sharply, opened high and walked high, and the previous session began to close up until the end of the session. Take out the bald short male line on the daily K-line chart, and it is shown on the 30 minute K-line chart that the positive parameters of the two "one" lines in the middle and rear plate can be modified in the experimental scheme. The buyer's power is unbreakable, and the active buying is significant in the proportion of buying and selling

II HDPE tree carries the main body and force measuring device to the concrete foundation respectively. Brief comment on the grease warehouse receipt:

today's HDPE tree "Micro run pipe is buried in the ground. The overall fat warehouse receipts opened higher and went higher, and fell slightly in the late afternoon. The HDPE warehouse receipts index closed at 976.69 points, up 6.44 points from the previous trading day. It closed at the short positive line on the index daily K-line chart, and the 5-day average fell slightly below the 10-day average.

hd0612 opened higher, and closed sharply in the late afternoon. It closed at the bald Changyang line on the daily K-line chart, and the trading center of gravity moved slightly downward, intersecting with the 5-day average.

III. comprehensive analysis :

recently, the oil price has continued to rise sharply, and the linear and high-pressure quotations of some manufacturers have been raised one after another, which has a significant boost to all regions. The quotations of PE markets in all regions have risen one after another, but the transaction is generally at a high level. In conclusion, it is expected that the buyer's strong power may continue in the near future

(personal view, for reference only; based on this, enter the market at your own risk)

source of information: China plastics trading

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