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Make every effort to build a "golden blue collar" XCMG high skilled talent training documentary

make every effort to build a "golden blue collar" XCMG high skilled talent training documentary

China Construction machinery information

Guide: from December 4 to 6, 2010, in the first national construction machinery repair industry skills competition held in Xiamen, XCMG group made a splash, and 10 contestants won all the awards in a total of three competition groups, Including the top 5 automobile lifting units, the top 5 loading units, and the 3rd, 6th, 8th excavation units

from December 4 to 6, 2010, in the first national vocational skill competition for construction machinery repairmen held in Xiamen, XCMG group made a splash, and 10 contestants won all the awards in a total of three competition groups, including the top five automobile lifting units, the top five loading units, and the third, sixth, eighth, ninth, and tenth excavation units, Among them, liuwensheng, an employee of XCMG, also won the first place of the three groups and won the first place of the total score

XCMG's excellent results caused a great shock in the competition. While congratulating XCMG, the team leaders and players of all units inquired about the reasons and "secrets" one after another. For this reason, they also paid a special visit to the relevant leaders and departments of XCMG group to find out

Secret collection 1: training to improve the skill level of employees

one day in April 2010, a unique "tutor and apprentice" ceremony was held in XCMG, and dozens of workers and technicians signed contracts with young employees

XCMG has adhered to the traditional form of "mentoring and mentoring" for nearly 10 years. A total of 694 pairs of mentoring and mentoring pairs have been formed within the enterprise, enabling some technicians with unique skills to pass down the unique skills, and improving the influence and radiation of excellent technicians

this is just one of the ways XCMG trains many talents. XCMG has established a team of full-time and part-time trainers of high skilled talents of XCMG group, which is composed of 49 enterprise experts and senior technicians. A long-term mechanism of lifelong education has been established, forming the training characteristics of "one focus, two highlights and three combinations": the training objects are middle-aged and young production technology backbones; Highlight skills and the ability to solve on-site problems in the content of training; The training methods are flexible and diverse - the combination of off-duty training and amateur training, the combination of entrusted training and joint training, and the combination of normative training and adaptive training

since 2009 alone, enterprises have invested 32.99 million yuan in training, accounting for 2.5% of total wages. A total of 52165 people participated in 788 professional skills training, with an average of more than five times a year for each skilled worker

secret Collection 2: encourage, create an atmosphere that attaches importance to talents

on February 8, 2011, XCMG held a grand meeting for 11 Methyl methacrylate: isobutene process line held a commendation meeting, and 520000 yuan was allocated at one time to commend and reward 101 employees who won awards in national, provincial and municipal vocational skills competitions. The award-winning employees wore red flowers and accepted the honorary certificates and bonuses personally issued by Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG

XCMG has specially formulated documents to give one-time rewards ranging from 50000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 2000 yuan and 1000 yuan to skilled talents who have won the first place in the national, provincial, municipal and group skill competitions. According to the actual situation, one-time rewards ranging from 50000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 2000 yuan and 1000 yuan can also be given to those skilled talents who have won the national, provincial, municipal and group skill competitions. For other personnel who have won the specified reward ranking, a one-time reward will be given according to the coefficient of 0.8. In order to make more skilled talents stand out, XCMG has formulated the special implementation measures for the management of senior skilled talents and the implementation measures for the evaluation and employment of technicians and senior technicians to clarify the application standards and treatment. Senior technicians, technicians and senior workers are entitled to enterprise subsidies every month, and outstanding contributors can also receive corresponding government subsidies

in 1996, XCMG established Xuzhou National Vocational Skill Appraisal Institute of construction machinery, which became the first batch of vocational skill appraisal points in the industry in China. Since 2005, 5701 people have been successfully identified, accounting for 5.8% of the total number of skilled employees every year

the group also set up "Chairman's scholarship and bursary" in XCMG senior technical school. The first batch of funds came from the 200000 yuan prize awarded to Wang Min, chairman of the group, and the management team for the "XCMG" trademark winning the "China famous trademark". Up to now, a total of 625000 yuan has been awarded, and 751 excellent and difficult Xugong technical school students who are driven by imported motors with high-precision ball screws have won scholarships and bursaries, achieving the career dream of highly skilled talents


Secret collection 3: technical schools, building talent training bases

XCMG group has always placed the cultivation of highly skilled talents in a strategic position of priority development, and invested in the establishment of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Technical School in 1992

XCMG technical school is well-known for its graduates' employment rate of nearly 100%. Every year, the enrollment threshold is almost broken, and graduates are the "hot goods" of major enterprises

as the training base for high skilled talents of XCMG group, XCMG technical school takes "relying on XCMG, facing XCMG, serving XCMG and serving the society" as its school purpose, and has targeted 11 majors, including modern welding technology, NC programming and processing, NC machining technology, assembly, debugging and maintenance, hydraulic and electrical assembly, electromechanical technology, advanced fitter, riveting and welding technology, coating technology, An integrated industrial training base has been built

as the "National Youth Skills Appraisal demonstration unit" named by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, XCMG technical school was named "senior technical school" by the Ministry of human resources and social security in April 2010, becoming the first national senior technical school run by enterprises in China's construction machinery industry

over the past 18 years, XCMG technical school has provided XCMG group with more than 6500 excellent skilled workers above intermediate level, including more than 900 senior workers, which has greatly increased the proportion of technicians in skilled workers and met XCMG's demand for high and intermediate skilled talents

secret Collection 4: train troops and set up a talent growth ladder

electric welder competition, debugging worker competition, women's lathe worker skill competition, assembler technology competition, computer operation skill competition... Approaching XCMG, skill competition and competition of skill competition at company level, branch company level, branch factory, section, team level and various types of work have become "commonplace" for XCMG to be active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials all over the world, Almost every weekend in XCMG, it will be held with great enthusiasm

the development of military training activities such as technical competitions and skill competitions has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of technical workers to learn technology and strive for the first-class bravely, tested the experience and effectiveness of the training of highly skilled talents, and a large number of skilled craftsmen have stood out as "gold and blue collars" and pillars in production posts. Through on-the-job training, excellent employees are selected to participate in various skill competitions at all levels of the country, provinces and cities, so that skilled employees can enrich their skills in the competition, serve the enterprise, and set up a ladder of success

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said: in XCMG, a hot land full of vitality and vitality, highly skilled and high-quality skilled talents have become the core competitiveness of enterprises, and will continue to write the brilliant future of XCMG towards a world-class enterprise

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