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EDV packaging company brings a new concept of composite packaging to Australia

EDV packaging company brings a new concept of composite packaging to Australia. SPC ardmona company in Australia has developed polycarbonate production technology with independent intellectual property rights and issued a new product of Goulburn Valley brand. It is a new packaging form of transparent pp/evoh/pp material processing, which is used for the packaging of blocky fresh fruits, which increases the plastic cup product series of EDV packaging company. The product was launched in the middle of 2006 and achieved considerable success as soon as it entered the food industry

every day, more and more people are making more use of their spare time, choosing to eat food outdoors at any time of the day. Consumers want their food to be perfect, nutritious and healthy, so they want food manufacturers to combine healthy food with convenient packaging

spc ardmona company discovered this trend a long time ago and has become one of the pioneers of the concept of cup fruit from the beginning. The 250 ml product above has become a popular healthy choice for adult consumers. They will be used as part of a meal or just as a snack. This cup includes a fork spoon and a lid that can be re closed

a customized cup

edv packaging company produced a pp/evoh/pp transparent barrier layer structure product through co extrusion and hot forming processes at the llinars del Valls production plant in Barcelona, Spain. EVOH layer can withstand extreme heat treatment, such as sterilization treatment or Pasteur sterilization treatment, so it shows a good performance of protecting the packaged products. This basic material ensures the long-term preservation of the fruit and its taste, aroma, freshness and structure for up to 18 months. Blocking the barrier layer against moisture, ultraviolet and oxygen is a necessary measure for long-term shelf life

the transparency of the product stored at ambient temperature allows consumers to see the contents of the package in some parts design manuals and Monographs on experimental machine manufacturing. The smooth cup wall design, when walking or placing in the car cup holder, and providing enough space for customized printed labels, will help to give full play to its performance

high quality finished products

the cup is a barrier plastic packaging machine 'target' under the condition of being isolated from the outside world=_ Blank> the transparent film is heat sealed, and when completed, it has a hard and repeatable transparent injection molding cover. As a value-added product, the cover contains a fork spoon, and the product is sold in double packages with decorative cardboard boxes

due to the quality and performance characteristics of plastic materials, plastic cups are 100% renewable, so they have the characteristics of respecting the environment. The visual attraction of light weight, portability, non breakage and transparency can be seen from any angle of the supermarket

edv packaging company introduction

edv packaging company is a world-famous company that uses hard barrier plastic packaging solutions in the food industry, some of which can even reach 0.2% Small size. The company has 30 years of experience in providing barrier packaging for food preservation. EDV packaging has invested more than 3% of its sales in research and development and investigation, and more than 75% of its products are exported. It is a supplier to many well-known food companies around the world. The headquarters and production plant of the company are located in llinars del Valls in Barcelona, Spain, and business offices are set up in Australia, the United States and Singapore

information source: international plastic processing technology

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