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Education intelligence external call cloud helps education and training institutions move towards the era of ai+

marketing is popular with many education and training institutions at present because of its strong pertinence, low cost and fast transformation. It is also the main marketing and transformation channel. An educational institution mainly engaged in 1-to-1 tutoring of cultural courses in primary and secondary schools, in the process of school development, in addition to regular local promotion and marketing, the performance of outbound call team accounts for more than 70% of the total performance

in the marketing team of education and training institutions, education consultants provide course consulting services to students and parents, and finally make an appointment for courses, so as to pave the way for door-to-door consultation and signing. In communication, the professional level of consultants directly determines the success rate of booking courses

however, with the increasingly fierce competition in the education industry, the requirements for the number and professionalism of marketing teams are also higher and higher. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of division growth and rapid growth. Consultants call hundreds of links every day on average, and cultivating an excellent education consultant requires a lot of human and material resources, including human cost, training cost Management costs have become a great obstacle to the maximization of enterprise profits

Lingyun intelligent outbound robot education training marketing artifact

in the era of artificial intelligence, such problems can be easily solved by AI technology. Jietong Huasheng recently launched the first Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot in China, which can be adjusted actively on the midplane, and has the functions of fast coarse adjustment and slow fine adjustment to call customers. Through the leading Lingyun intelligent voice interaction technology, the robot can realize barrier free voice communication with users, and collect and record customer feedback information

for the special needs of education and training institutions, Jietong Huasheng has specially created a Lingyun education intelligent outbound robot solution for the education industry, so that robots can easily and smoothly communicate with students and parents, answer relevant questions, recommend customized courses according to their own conditions, and collect and record customer information

Lingyun robot: Hello, sir. I'm teacher Ling of XX education. I'm glad to contact you

parent: Oh, what's the matter

Lingyun robot: Hello, we are an educational institution specializing in extracurricular counseling for primary and secondary school students, and we can provide one-on-one extracurricular counseling for your children

parents: multiple experimental curves in one group can be superimposed and compared; My children study very well and don't need extra-curricular guidance. I'm sorry

Lingyun robot: that means your child has a good innate IQ and strong self-control ability. But the day after tomorrow training is also important. Do you think other children are tutoring after class, will they surpass your children

according to your child's good learning, we can provide high-end courses to teach her to solve problems with new ideas and more writing skills

parents: that's right. I'll take my children to have a look sometime

an education and training institution with Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot can communicate with thousands of parents at the same time, understand their needs, and provide customized courses, realizing an extremely high success rate of course reservation

a Lingyun outbound call robot =1000 excellent education consultants

how to make students and parents accept courses has become a big problem when using marketing courses. The tone of the counselor, the order of questioning, and the communication skills in the face of parents' rejection are all crucial, which need continuous training and practical training. With Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot, these are no longer problems

it's different from calling you mechanically and constantly playing the recorded promotion audio. Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can accurately understand customers' questions through advanced Lingyun speech recognition, semantic understanding and other technologies. Moreover, the outbound robot can always maintain a unified standard, warm and polite voice communication, teach the question answering skills to Lingyun outbound robot, arm the robot's brain with the communication secrets of excellent consultants, and it can provide targeted answers according to the different needs of different parents, so that parents can readily accept the course recommendations

by calling customers in batches, a Lingyun outbound call robot can be worth thousands of excellent consultants, which greatly saves human costs and improves the efficiency of marketing. At the same time, through voice transcribing, dialogue information can be directly stored and recorded, and big data analysis can be carried out to provide enterprises with relevant marketing data

return visit, questionnaire survey ai+ education touch the future

in addition to marketing to improve performance, Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can also play a role in improving service quality and business efficiency for education and training institutions

in the face of a large number of return visits from students and parents, as well as the questionnaires of tens of thousands of students, Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can easily carry out batch return visits and questionnaires, collect and sort out the information fed back by students and parents, and analyze the personalized data of the feedback results, so as to promote the improvement of courses and services, and better carry out course training according to the needs

domestic leading artificial intelligence technologies such as Lingyun voice interaction make Lingyun intelligent outbound call robots easily competent for the work of educational consultants. Jietong Huasheng will also continue to realize the application of artificial intelligence technology in the education industry and help education and training institutions move towards the era of ai+

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