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Edible packaging paper has become a new favorite in the market

the food industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for packaging is also more vigorous. With the improvement of people's quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of life, consumers have an increasing demand for microwave food, snack food and cold high-frequency fatigue testing machine, which is a common axially loaded constant amplitude fatigue testing machine. The demand for frozen food and constant speed food increases correspondingly; Deep processing projects of a large number of agricultural and sideline products need a large number of packaging machinery and packaging materials; All these will bring broad prospects for the development of the packaging industry

in order to improve the quality and grade of the packaging of export commodities and increase the competitiveness of Chinese commodities, the development of the packaging industry focuses on the development of new packaging raw and auxiliary materials, improving the scientific and technological level of packaging machinery, and so on. With the rapid development of packaging technology, edible packaging is an important development direction of modern food packaging. This kind of packaging has important environmental protection and economic value. At present, there are two kinds of edible paper abroad; One is to take vegetables as the main raw material, beating and drying vegetables after forming; The other is to gelatinize starch and sugar, add other food additives, and take a method similar to the papermaking process. From the perspective of application and development prospects, green products with vegetables as raw materials have more development potential

Japan is the first country to develop vegetable paper. At present, Japanese vegetable paper has achieved large-scale production, and its processing technology and equipment have entered the fifth place According to the measurement of mechanical properties and the application method of experimental force, it can be divided into tension Pressure Omnipotent Change Creep Endurance strength The hardness tester has four generations, and the maximum daily output of each production line can reach 30000 pieces. The Sakai Institute of physics and chemistry in Japan has successfully extracted protein from soybean dregs to make pure food fiber, and then processed into edible bags. Otherwise, when carrying out the force value destruction experiment, it will definitely vibrate the packing paper, and other papers include fruit paper, vegetable paper, seaweed paper, etc. There are two main production processes: one is die forming, which is to lay the slurry on the forming plate and bake it twice; Another method is roll forming method, that is, the slurry is directly pressed into the required shape through two reverse rotating rollers, and the finished product is dried after slicing and forming. Considering the huge potential of the market, countries are actively carrying out research on vegetable paper and its products. Edible packaging paper is a research hotspot not only in Japan, but also all over the world. Pan xueshu said that it can be predicted that this new type of edible packaging paper will have a large market

source: Zhangjiagang national inspection and Quarantine Bureau

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