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Strive to build China Tobacco IOT and improve the level of logistics work in the industry

from May 25 to 26, the National Conference on modern logistics construction in the tobacco industry was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The meeting conveyed the requirements of jiangchengkang, director of the state tobacco monopoly administration, on the logistics work of the industry. He Zehua, deputy director of the state tobacco monopoly administration, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Xu Ming, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, delivered a speech at the meeting

The main task of the meeting is to comprehensively summarize the construction work of modern logistics in the industry in recent years, learn and promote the experience of modern logistics construction of Jiangsu tobacco, and deploy the work tasks of the next stage according to the work deployment of the Party group of the National Bureau and the clear requirements of director Jiang Chengkang for logistics work

hezehua pointed out in his speech that after years of efforts, the construction level of modern logistics in the industry has been significantly improved, which has played an important supporting and guarantee role in continuously improving the overall competitiveness of Chinese tobacco. First, the logistics and distribution system of commercial cigarettes has been established. Second, the construction of industrial logistics has made positive progress. Third, new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of industrial and commercial integration. Fourth, the basic work of logistics was further strengthened. Fifth, the quality of logistics team has been significantly improved

hezehua fully affirmed the modern logistics construction of Jiangsu tobacco. He pointed out that Jiangsu tobacco logistics has established a unified and complete modern logistics management mode with the province as the unit, which has the characteristics of accurate work positioning, reasonable layout planning, advanced logistics technology, and in place operation management. It meets the overall requirements of China's tobacco modern logistics, represents the highest level and latest achievements of industrial logistics construction, and initially forms the embryonic form of China South Korea import tariff of 8% national tobacco IOT, It reflects the development direction of industrial logistics in the new era, and has great enlightenment for all regions to carry out modern logistics construction

hezehua stressed that this meeting marks the entry of the industry's logistics work into a new stage of development. It is necessary to further clarify the new development goals and new tasks of the logistics construction in the new stage, and constantly improve the level of the industry's logistics work. First, we should understand the new stage of modern logistics construction in the industry. Second, we should clarify the new goals of industrial logistics construction, build a complete industrial logistics, and make it have distinctive industrial characteristics; Build a unified modern logistics mechanical performance indicators for testing and analysis; Build advanced intelligent logistics; Build economic and practical efficient logistics. Third, we should implement the new task of industrial logistics construction. It is clear that cavonic company, whose target displacement control is located in Engel, Germany, has launched the so-called 3-loop control target of iBT process system, that is, the goal of industry IOT; Improve the two systems, namely, the organizational system and the business system; Adhere to three integrations, namely, the integration of tobacco and tobacco, the integration of industry and commerce, and the integration of supply and marketing; Pay attention to four links, namely planning, construction, operation and management, and strengthen the whole process construction of logistics work

hezehua proposed that the next step is to do a good job in seven aspects: first, deepen understanding, strengthen leadership, and establish and improve organizational structures. Second, unified planning. The third is to do a good job in technical feasibility and standardization research. Fourth, actively implement industrial and commercial enterprises in transit monitoring system and warehousing monitoring and management system. Fifth, actively explore the establishment of evaluation and assessment system. Sixth, strengthen management. Seventh, we should unremittingly do a good job in team building

at the meeting, Jiangsu, Hebei and Shanxi tobacco monopoly bureaus (companies), Jiangsu and Guizhou China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (companies) made exchange speeches respectively. Qin Qianhao, general manager of China Tobacco e-commerce Co., Ltd., made a summary of the meeting

During the meeting, the delegates also visited Jiangsu tobacco science and Technology Information Center, Jiangsu Zhongyan Nanjing Cigarette Factory, and Nanjing tobacco company cigarette marketing and distribution center

heads of relevant departments of the National Bureau, heads of China tobacco company, China cigarette sales company, China tobacco industry development center, China Tobacco e-commerce Co., Ltd., and relevant heads of provincial industrial and commercial enterprises and some Prefecture and municipal companies attended the meeting

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