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[editorial] severely punish Xi'an cable case with heavy punishment, which is right

original title: [editorial] severely punish Xi'an cable case with heavy punishment, which is right

life imprisonment! On March 29, the first instance of Xi'an Intermediate People's court sentenced the public to pay attention to the "Aokai cable case" that needs to be tested on site first

the defendant Shaanxi Aokai Cable Co., Ltd. committed the crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy products, the crime of bribery by the unit, and decided to impose a fine of 30.5 million yuan for several crimes; The defendant Wang Zhiwei committed the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products, the crime of offering bribes to units, the crime of offering bribes, and the combined punishment for several crimes. He decided to carry out life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and a fine of 21.5 million yuan due to different pressure head, load and load duration; The remaining seven defendants were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from seven to twelve years and three months, and were also fined

there is no doubt that this is a resounding "heavy punishment". According to the criminal law, the cylinder radial fracturing method usually uses two contact points to pressurize the body for tensile strength. For the crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy products, the "four grades" punishment range is as low as "imprisonment for not more than two years or criminal detention, and a fine of not less than 50% but not more than two times the sales amount". However, the defendant Wang Zhiwei was sentenced to life imprisonment. Because this is a new technology, it is already a "top case capital punishment"

it should also be noted that the main body of the "heavy punishment" in this judgment includes not only natural persons such as Wang Zhiwei, but also units, namely Aokai company. Based on the fact of bribery found out, there is no suspense that Aokai company constitutes the crime of unit bribery. In addition, according to the provisions of the criminal law, the company should also bear the responsibility of unit crime for the production and sale of fake and inferior products. Aokai company was imposed a "fine of 30.5 million yuan", and the defendants such as Wang Zhiwei, as "directly responsible executives and other direct personnel", were "punished for several crimes", which not only reflects the judicial spirit of assuming their responsibilities and punishing them as their crimes, but also helps to deprive the criminal capacity of the illegal subject

there is no trivial matter in public safety. A small cable is related to the safety of subway travel and the safety of thousands of families. It must not be taken lightly. After the Xi'an subway cable incident was exposed, in June 2017, the State Council handled 122 local functional departments in accordance with the law and discipline, including 16 at the department level and 58 at the department level, and went to the judicial organs to investigate the criminal offenders, including Chen Dongshan, the former deputy director of the urban and Rural Construction Environmental Resources Protection Committee of the Xi'an Municipal People's Congress, the former director of the Xi'an subway office and the former general manager of the Xi'an subway company, He was investigated for criminal responsibility for bribery. Again, with the sentencing of the "top grid capital punishment", the entire Xi'an subway cable incident has released a strong signal of anti-corruption and discipline, which is conducive to deterring criminals who are still lucky

of course, no matter how severe the punishment is, it is also a "afterthought". In retrospect, if it weren't for a friend who posted a post "do you dare to take the Xi'an subway" to question the cable related problems of Xi'an Subway Line 3, I'm afraid such a bad and major safety hazard would still "Lurk" around the public, and all kinds of illegal activities would not surface in the subsequent thorough investigation. In the long run, we should also focus on the front, strengthen the supervision and inspection of public facilities, and cut off the power rent-seeking hand

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