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It is not only the development concept of the world, but also the common mission of every enterprise to fully promote the innovative technology of rubber and plastics and lead the industry to build a green future. As a new material, plastic rubber is widely used in automotive, electronic information and electrical appliances, packaging, building materials, medical treatment, lighting, household goods and other fields, and even gradually involved in solar photovoltaic, aerospace, national defense and other high-end equipment. There is no doubt that plastic technology plays an important role in the process of green production. In order to cooperate with green manufacturing and keep abreast of the new direction of future industry development, "Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" (the 26th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition) will hold a series of activities with the theme of "rubber and plastic technology for the future" during the exhibition in 2012, which will further promote the development of green rubber and plastic technology by impacting and breaking through samples with a certain impact speed through a semi-circular punch, And is committed to working with the industry to build a green future

in response to the theme of "rubber and plastic technology for the future", the organizer will set up a "future concept exhibition area" at the exhibition site, namely, the central square of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition is divided into two parts, including the "nurture the future" plan. The organizer invited students from East China University of science and technology, automotive manufacturing and rubber industry application experts to work together to make use of the excellent performance and advanced production technology of plastics and rubber, The "future car" with creative design and environmental protection and energy saving elements will be displayed on the scene with model display data. The "superior design gallery" is a platform for exhibitors to display the latest listed products with characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection. The future vehicles, electronic appliances, buildings, packaging and other manufactured products created by unique design, new plastic and rubber materials and technology will bring unprecedented new experience to the audience

in addition to the exhibition area, the seminar was also the highlight of the activities of the same period of the "chinaplas2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", which took on the warm response of the "low carbon plastic forum" which was held at the same time of the last exhibition. As the development of the bioplastics market has attracted great attention all over the world, the organizer will hold the "Fourth China International bioplastics application seminar" in conference room M17 of the exhibition hall on the first two days of the exhibition (April 18 and 19). Experts from all over the world and leading entrepreneurs in related industries will be convened to lead the audience to make in-depth discussions and discuss natural bioplastics, starch/plastic composites, biological nylon The latest research and development, production and application of various materials such as biopolyolefins will enable visitors and buyers to better understand the innovative application technology of bioplastics and the current situation of the global market, explore huge potential investment and development opportunities, and provide an efficient platform for people from all walks of life to communicate. The two-day seminar will be divided into three parts. Please click the link to view the main content

this year, the China Automotive Plastics 2012 summit, which will be held for the first time over the new installed capacity of coal-fired power (57 GW), will also be held at the Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, the day before the "chinaplas2012 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" (April 17, 2012). The theme of the summit is the materials and design trends of lightweight and electric vehicles. It is hosted by plastics. Currently, the confirmed speakers include top experts, suppliers Designers and automobile manufacturers, such as klauspaur, head of ipsossa's global automotive business, Fu Taode, President of Changshu automotive trim Co., Ltd., Cao Du, vice president of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Li Difang, deputy general manager of Ningbo Huaxiang, Richard Zheng, vice president of Johnson Controls Asia Pacific, and Zhang Yu, managing director of autoforesight, will pay tribute to international and local automobile manufacturers, primary and secondary system suppliers, automotive plastic parts suppliers Automobile design experts and suppliers of raw materials and processing equipment have discussed in depth how plastic materials can help traditional automobiles reduce weight, and what is the wire change experimental machine? Let's take a look at the new electric and hybrid vehicles

in addition, in order to thank all parties for their support for Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition over the years, the host party will hold an opening dinner and fellowship party at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai on the first night of the exhibition (April 18, 2012), and invite all friends in the industry, including exhibitors, leading buyers, association representatives, media, etc., to share the joy of the opening of chinaplas2012 International Rubber and plastic exhibition in a relaxed and pleasant environment

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