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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, many K12 educational institutions continue to upgrade and provide teaching services in a more diversified form, and together education technology is one of the best

established in October, 2011, Tongyi education technology is a k12 education platform that connects teachers, students and parents to promote the development of the industry

the platform takes homework as the link, synchronizes the school teaching progress, provides quality education content that matches the subject ability, and helps teachers and students reduce the burden and increase efficiency through cutting-edge technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. It has become a useful supplement to school education, because most springs are used in the main components of machinery and vehicles

therefore, together with education technology, we hope to provide products with more intelligent and efficient customer service, so that high-quality service experience can run through the whole process of teachers, students and parents. After investigation, together with education technology, we chose Heli Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service system, hoping to jointly create a better education experience

1. Omni channel service coverage, opening up all service entrances

together education technology is a world-famous K12 intelligent education platform. It owns five brands: one primary school, one middle school, one school, one school, and one public welfare. It creates an intelligent education platform under the school, family, and social education scenarios for K12 students, and realizes the coverage of the whole learning period and all disciplines in K12

in addition, together with education technology, the service ports of its various product businesses have been opened, and the same platform has been realized to respond to the service needs of multi-channel users. Thus, it can effectively connect the use and interaction of teachers, students and parents, avoid the back and forth switching between different platforms, and greatly improve the service quality and efficiency

2. Smart empowerment, making services simple

in the past few years, through continuous development of education technology, a total of 2.7 million front-line teachers of pulse fatigue testing machine have been selected, 27.4 million parent users support, and 53 million students use it together, which is deeply loved by the majority of users

while harvesting a large number of users, in order to ensure a good service experience, education technology has set up intelligent service portals on various products to quickly respond to users' service needs, and take the lead in dealing with most simple and repeated problems by using common problem navigation and intelligent customer service robots. For complex problems that robots cannot solve independently, users can turn to manual processing with one click

in addition, IVR intelligent navigation is used to provide consulting users with a channel to quickly solve problems and reduce the waiting for manual transfer. In this way, users can get timely responses, and customer service has more time to focus on meaningful consultation, feedback, suggestions and complaints, so as to improve the problem-solving rate, so as to effectively save the human cost of the enterprise

3. Work order circulation and upgrading collaboration scenarios

the business scope of customers of education technology has covered 31 provinces, 365 cities, nearly 150000 schools, and has three roles of teachers, students and parents

the wider the scope, the more diverse the roles, and the richer the customer needs. In order to enable users to get professional answers to their diverse needs in time. The work order system of Education Science and technology records all the customer information consulted in the work order in real time. When there is a user's problem that needs to be solved by other departments, it enables professionals to deal with professional problems through the circulation of work orders, so as to quickly and efficiently solve the different needs of users

4. Service monitoring and analysis provide evidence for management and decision-making.

intelligent service enables education technology to solve the basic problems of the majority of users. However, in order for users to continue to choose the enterprise, they need to maintain it with emotion. Therefore, in addition to affecting jaw dissent, it still needs to return to manual customer service. Therefore, education technology hopes to strengthen the monitoring and management of customer service, To ensure the service quality and accuracy, and make the service more humane

for this reason, through the service quality monitoring mechanism, education technology recorded the reception of customer service in real time, so as to find service problems in time. To assist the manager, the large visual monitoring screen is used to monitor the customer service in real time, including the working status, the number of calls, the waiting in line, etc., to accurately understand the working conditions of each customer service personnel, and maintain the standardization of service quality, so as to ensure that every call and reception is a warm experience

written at the end

together, educational technology is committed to using advanced educational technology, high-quality educational content and continuous educational enthusiasm to provide more efficient and beautiful products and experiences for school, family and social education scenes in K12 stage. And always take teaching and research as the foundation and science and technology as the beam to provide high-quality product experience and services for teachers, students and parents. In the future, education technology will continue to work together with Yijie to drive and optimize user service experience with more intelligent scientific and technological innovation and jointly promote industrial service innovation

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