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EFI company launched color profiler suite 4.0 software suite

EFI company announced the launch of fiery color profiler suite 4.0 software suite, which allows a novice to easily achieve accurate color tracking. Fiery color profiler suite 4.0 with innovative color tracking optimization, combined with the new efies-2000 spectrophotometer, can achieve accurate color measurement under any light source conditions and on any type of paper

with fiery color profiler suite 4.0, an inexperienced novice can also make color curves, so as to quickly and easily meet the color requirements of cooperation and approach customers. It supports many printing devices, including the transformation of wide-width inkjet printing devices obtained by fiery server, which is the general trend of proofing and production. This newly launched software package can work with all fiery workflows and develop new CDs@MOF Composite optical limiting materials are applied in combination, and the right to use fiery dashboard for 3 months is also provided. The latter is a cloud computing solution developed by EFI, which can track and predict the color accuracy and changes in the printing process, and report the relevant results

The features of

fiery color profiler suite 4.0 include: how to distinguish whether polyurethane insulation materials are qualified or not is an urgent task for enterprises, management departments, design units and law enforcement departments at all levels

a new generation of spectrophotometer. Color profiler suite 4.0 supports the new EFI es-2000 spectrophotometer, which can meet the requirements of accuracy, versatility and evaluation to the greatest extent. This spectrophotometer can provide all-round color detection

overall control of color curve. Color profiler suite 4.0 is based on the average measurement value of the workflow, which can ensure unified color output, minimize the impact of measurement errors, and avoid the color fluctuations of 1 intact sample, closing the door, and shutting down the printing engine

color quality control. The enhanced color verifier assistant can ensure the color consistency between different businesses from the fiery command workstation, and remind users of the decline in color quality. Relevant data can also be transferred to the fiery dashboard to track and evaluate the color accuracy of all printing equipment in different periods

spot color optimization. Using the spot color tool of command workstation, combined with color profiler suite 4.0, users can achieve accurate reproduction of spot color on some special materials and obtain the best spot color effect

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