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Tongbai: project construction improves the quality of county economy

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in early autumn, despite the hot and dry weather, the strong development momentum in the industrial agglomeration area of Tongbai County is exciting: the Henan Lanao Smart Home Industrial Park Project with an investment of 1.05 billion has entered the trial production stage; Shuangxin electromechanical company, whose products sell well all over the country, is producing at full capacity; The construction of the automobile hub project is being stepped up...

since this year, Tongbai County, which has complex operations, has actively responded to the COVID-19 and the complex and volatile external environment, closely focused on the "two high-quality" work system, and took the "project construction quality improvement year" as the carrier, solidly promoted the "six stabilities" and "six guarantees" work, made every effort to launch projects, stabilize investment, and promote development, and the economic and social development of the county rose against the trend, stabilized and improved. From January to June, whether the county's industrial growth above designated size is directly or indirectly illuminated by the sun, and China's continuous innovation value in the field of advanced extrusion technology increased by 1.6% year-on-year, ranking second in Nanyang city

"Three Guarantees and three combinations" high-level promotion. The county adheres to the working mechanism of "Three Guarantees and three couplets" service project development. For major projects, major special projects and key projects, all the leading cadres at the county level take the lead, take the "five ones" promotion measures of one project, one team, one plan, one account and one grasp to the end, formulate the "countdown" sign for major project construction, and adopt the "front-line work method" for the special class of project construction, so as to find problems on the front line Contradictions are solved on the front line, work is promoted on the front line, and image is established on the front line

improve the platform and strengthen investment attraction. The county takes the two platforms of Tongbai chemical industry cluster and county industrial cluster as the main "engine" to promote the economic and social development of the county, and constantly promotes the upgrading of park construction management. Tongbai chemical industry cluster aims at the coastal areas with developed chemical industry, increases efforts to carry out industrial transfer and investment attraction, focuses on building an industrial ecological cycle system with end-to-end, upper and lower dependencies and intensive agglomeration, and creates a high-end alkali nitrate chemical industry cluster. The county's industrial agglomeration zone, led by major projects such as automobile hubs and precision machinery, focuses on attracting green, environmental protection and energy-saving projects

strengthen the guarantee and optimize the environment. The county gave full play to the leverage of financial funds, vigorously implemented the PPP model, and provided sufficient financial guarantee for the project construction, and achieved remarkable results. At present, 8 projects including Tongbai Vocational Education Center have been included in the national PPP project library. Should we check whether the sensor is normal? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with a multimeter resistance block is: About 405 Ω at the input end; The output end is about 340 Ω; The resistance of any two leads at one end and the other end is 280 Ω. The county also seized the opportunity to actively plan and promote a number of projects. Scientifically set up indicators such as credit supply and deposit loan ratio to help more enterprises fight the impact of the epidemic, get out of difficulties and promote development. The county has set up a leading group to optimize the business environment, adhering to the principle of "permission without prohibition and equal treatment", so as to achieve clear goals, clear tasks and strong promotion. At the same time, we will further optimize the approval process of engineering construction projects, promote the parallel handling of various investment approval matters, and realize the "one import, one code access, and one handling" of investment approval

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