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Abstract: the total length of the newly-built 10KV overhead line is 3750 meters, including 1442 meters of double circuit and 866 meters of single circuit; The total length of newly built 10kV cable line is 45872 Due to the gapless transmission, the double circuit is 1875 meters and the single circuit is 837 meters. Overhead lines adopt 185 insulated wires of 8900m and 120 insulated wires of 2600m; Yjv22-3 is adopted for cable route × 240 cable 470m, yjv22-3 × 120 cable 2070m, yjv22-3 × 70 type cable 115 perfect large equipment technical archives 0m, yjv22-3 × Type 50 cable 900 meters, directly buried laying...

key words: electrical transformation project construction organization design construction management I. project name: wool textile line a and B Petroleum Branch new reconstruction project. 2、 Construction scale: the total length of newly-built 10KV overhead lines is 3750 meters, including 1442 meters of double circuit and 866 meters of single circuit; The total length of the new 10kV cable line is 4587 meters, including 1875 meters for double circuit and 837 meters for single circuit. Overhead lines adopt 185 insulated wires of 8900m and 120 insulated wires of 2600m; Yjv22-3 is adopted for cable route × 240 cable 470m, yjv22-3 × 120 cable 2070m, yjv22-3 × 70 type cable 1150M, yjv22-3 × Type 50 cable is 900m, directly buried. 45 12m cement poles are newly erected, and the production and processing technology of 315K NdFeB permanent magnets for ordinary toys, acoustics, metallurgical machinery and other low-grade export magnets are newly installed; 1. Except for the production and processing technology of cemented carbide products for general anti-wear use, 1 VA transformer, 500KVA × There is one box transformer, four column vacuum circuit breakers, two cable branch boxes, and three 630kVA transformers are replaced. 3、 Project location: XXXXXXX. 4、 Project plan time: project plan commencement date: September 20, 2002 project plan completion date: October 28, 2002 v. project organization: Project Manager: XXX Project Supervisor: XXX project technical director: XXX project safety director: XXX VI Construction team organization: team leader of the first team: XXXX Safety Officer: XXXX team leader of the second team: XXXX Safety Officer: construction scheme of XXXX city reconstruction project construction scheme of XX power supply bureau city reconstruction project, this construction scheme is formulated according to the actual situation of the reconstruction site. It is required that the construction should be carefully implemented according to this scheme. First, the city reconstruction project should be implemented by two construction teams respectively. Group 1: responsible for the construction of this urban reconstruction project. The second team: cooperate with the first team to stop power transmission and project completion acceptance. 2、 Construction scheme: 1. Transportation: ① transportation of cement rods: after the cement rods are in place, they are transported to the site by trolley and put in place respectively. ② Transportation of conductor and three coils: after the conductor is in place, it is loaded and bound firmly with a paying off truck, and then transported to the site with a four-wheel truck for paying off. After the three plates are in place, they are transported to the site by car for installation. 2. Implementation of construction schedule: ① construction in cultivated land can be carried out before spring planting or after autumn harvest, which can be changed according to specific conditions. ② The construction of other sections shall be carried out with the construction schedule. 3. Construction method: ① cement pole erection: after the cement pole arrives at the site, use a 12 ton crane to erect the pole, manually straighten and backfill. Before the cement pole is erected, the cross arm shall be installed for pole assembly. ② Assembly of new switch board: after the cement pole is assembled, four people assemble the switch board fittings, leads and switch installation, and the installation standard is in accordance with the design drawings. ③ Conductor erection: for the reconstruction project, the old line with new line method is adopted for setting out, and the vehicle is used for traction. The communication must be kept smooth during the traction process to prevent the occurrence of wire jam, disconnection and other faults. ④ Road crossing pipe jacking: before construction, 4 meters shall be excavated on both sides of the road × 3 meters × 4m operation pit for pipe jacking construction. ⑤ See technical measures for other matters

project construction management 1. Submit the construction budget, commencement application, approved construction scheme and construction measures (construction organization design) to the production department before September 15, 2002. Sign the construction contract with the production department for the projects that have been approved to start construction, and handle the commencement procedures. 2. The main conditions for the commencement of the project: (1) the project has been approved and the investment has been issued; (2) External conditions have been implemented; (3) The internal engineering kick-off meeting has been signed; (4) The economic contract has been signed; (5) Construction preparations have been completed (including measurement and positioning); (6) Joint review of construction drawings is completed; (7) The construction materials have been ordered and can continuously meet the construction requirements; (8) The construction organization design (construction organization measures) has been approved; (9) The construction site has met the construction needs; (10) Construction forces have gathered; (11) The coordinates for construction have been positioned and the water level has been set; (12) The commencement report has been approved. 3. The commencement report shall specify the commencement preparation and construction schedule, which shall meet the quality standards and the executed construction specifications. 4. During the construction process, the relevant construction technology and quality standards shall be carefully implemented to strictly control the construction quality. 5. During the construction process, cooperate with the on-site Supervisor (or we believe in the quality inspector) to jointly solve the technical problems in the construction. 6. Concealed works must be supervised by the supervisor (or quality inspector) and signed on the concealed construction record. The project leader shall organize the acceptance of concealed works. 7. The on-site visa during construction must be signed by the representative of the construction unit, the supervision engineer, the project leader and the project auditor before it takes effect. The visa of large quantities shall be submitted by the project leader to the leader in charge for approval before construction. For those related to the design, the designer shall sign. 8. After the commencement of the production project, fill in the weekly report of the production period as required and report to the production department on time every Friday. If the construction period of the project exceeds one month, the construction schedule shall be submitted to the production department every month, and the report must be signed by the project leader and the supervising engineer. 9. The supervising engineer shall carry out the supervision work during the project construction. Especially for concealed works, relevant evidence and data shall be preserved to ensure the construction quality. 10. Strengthen technical management during construction and establish and improve technical management system. 11. During the construction process, a construction record book and a supervision log shall be established to record in detail the main process of project construction (including the adopted

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