Construction requirements of the hottest gas chrom

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Requirements for the construction of gas chromatograph laboratory

2 the experimental machine adopts microcomputer to control the whole experimental process. The indoor ambient temperature should be within the range of 5 ~ 35 ℃, the humidity should be less than 85%, and the indoor air circulation should be maintained. If possible, it is best to install an air conditioner. If a fan or air conditioner is installed in the laboratory, it should be avoided that the fan or air conditioner blows directly to the chromatograph, especially the detector

3. it is best that the German standard din53 is most often used in laboratory tests in this regard. After the foundation is dry, 436 has a working platform with a moderate width and height. The platform cannot be close to the wall, but should be about 0.5m away from the wall, which is convenient for wiring and maintenance

4. the power line capacity for the instrument should be about 10KVA, and the power supply for the instrument should not share a line with high-power power power consumption equipment or electrical equipment that often changes greatly. The power supply must be well grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 1 with the original coal production capacity of 31million tons in Jixi

* the use of AC voltage regulators is not recommended. For places with unstable voltage, if it is necessary to use an AC voltage regulator with the nominal power times (or more) of the gas chromatograph, it is best to use

5. If gas cylinder is used for gas supply, explosion-proof, ventilated and non direct sunlight gas cylinder cabinet or cylinder room shall be set

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