Construction record of lishide sc360 excavator in

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Datong Luotong colliery lishide sc360 excavator construction record

Datong Luotong colliery lishide sc360 excavator construction record

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Guide: domestic excavator wonderful flower --- lishide decisive battle mine controller adopts embedded single-chip microcomputer structure 6000 hour operation record record Datong Luotong colliery lishide sc360 excavator construction record in current excavation operation, Excavators are generally engaged in earthwork and mining stonework operations. Especially in some large mining operations, for

wonderful work of domestic excavators --- 6000 hour operation record of lishide decisive battle mine

-- construction record of lishide sc360 excavator in Datong Luotong coal mine

at present, excavators are generally engaged in earthwork and mining stonework operations. Especially in some large-scale mining operations, the quality and performance requirements of excavators are often very high. In most domestic mines, most construction excavators are still foreign brands, while domestic excavators are still rare. In the Inner Mongolia Plateau and Guizhou mountains, we often see foreign brand excavators dominate the world

foreign brands of excavators in mining areas

recently, Chinese road machinery visited the mining area construction in Shanxi. Witnessed the construction status of excavators of various brands on the construction site. Sc360 excavator from Shandong lishide excavator is the only domestic excavator

domestic excavator lishide sc360 Shanxi Luotong mining area is arrogant

Shanxi is located in North China, with unique coal resources. However, the mining area is mostly mountainous and hilly. And most of them are between 1000 meters and 20 meters above sea level. Christenson and others continue the research between 00 meters. The long-term construction in such a complex landform is a test of the excavator brand. In the mining area, we saw that the only domestic excavator is sc360 from Rexroth, which is under construction! This can not but be said to be the wonderful work of domestic excavators and the pride of national excavators! Luotong coal mine, located in Guangling area of Datong, Shanxi Province, is a large mine. The rock stratum is hard and needs to be corrected and updated. In the construction equipment, lishde excavator is the only domestic excavator

according to boss Zhang, who bought the excavator, the excavator was purchased in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia. The time of purchase was may, 2010. It has been under construction from Inner Mongolia to Shanxi. So far, it has been under construction for more than 6400 hours. Almost more than 20 hours of homework every day. The equipment is in good condition without major failure. While delighted with the performance of the domestic excavator, we have made a detailed understanding of the excavator

Rexroth sc360 excavator is under construction in the mining area

Rexroth sc360 excavator operation 6400 hours report

engine part: clean, clean. Boss Lin takes great care of his equipment. Like his comrades in arms and partners, regular maintenance and upkeep are very important. The engine has been used for 6400 hours without failure and oil leakage, and the engine sound we heard on site is normal. If you follow the current good maintenance method, you can use it for another 6000 hours

hydraulic system: the performance is good. So far, the hydraulic system of the whole machine is relatively stable. The hydraulic pump works well without noise, shaking and other adverse phenomena, ensuring the good operation of the hydraulic system. I remember what boss Lin has always said: This machine is fuel-efficient

chassis: the operation of 360 level equipment is difficult. The terrain of Luotong mining area is hard and undulating. The chassis has been used for more than 6000 hours without problems. Boss Lin said he was surprised

boss Zhang's attitude towards lishde; The service was quite recognized, saying that the service staff had been following him, and that the customer service staff reminded him and the driver of the work precautions and maintenance time. Rexroth service engineers told us that for equipment such as excavators, regular maintenance and timely operation according to standards are important conditions for reducing failures and prolonging service life

at present, boss Lin is very satisfied with the quality of lishide excavator and has become a loyal customer of lishide. Recently, boss Lin proposed to purchase an sc450 excavator. Finally, we will give maintenance parts and souvenirs to boss Lin and his driver, and wish boss Lin's career better and better

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