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Construction organization design and its safety technical measures

construction organization design is the deployment and arrangement of all construction made by the construction enterprise according to the construction task and construction object, according to the characteristics and requirements of the building, combined with the construction technology level and conditions of the enterprise, to guide the whole construction process. It is an important technical and economic document for the management of the construction enterprise

building construction is a relatively complex production activity, which needs to organize the collaborative work of multiple types of work and units to complete the construction task. However, to complete the construction task with high quality and speed, it needs to carry out scientific management, use effective construction machines and tools, reasonable construction sequence, advanced construction technology, appropriate labor organization, use the most economical energy Minimum material and capital consumption and safety measures. The construction organization design is to systematically combine these principles into a whole and plan the overall situation before construction to guide the whole process of construction. Without it, we will act blindly, which is bound to waste human, material and financial resources, delay the construction period, and make safety insecure

the current construction organization design can be basically divided into: general construction organization design, construction organization design, construction scheme and special technical measures according to the situation of the construction object

1. There must be construction safety technical measures in the construction organization design

(1) it is the need to ensure the safety of the construction process

building construction is a huge man-machine engineering. There are many unsafe factors in the whole process from the beginning to the completion of each project. If measures and plans are not formulated in advance, it is difficult to avoid personal injury accidents from the first plastic body car in 1967, In order to ensure the safety in the construction process, it is necessary to make a specific analysis of the risk factors in the construction process in advance, and formulate corresponding measures and plans to control and eliminate potential accidents. Therefore, the construction organization design or scheme of all construction projects must have safety technical measures

(2) Article 38 of the construction law stipulates that construction enterprises should formulate corresponding safety technical measures according to the characteristics of construction projects when preparing construction organization design. The regulations on the administration of safe production of construction projects (Order No. 393 of the State Council) stipulates that the construction unit should prepare safety technical measures and temporary power users at the construction site in the construction organization design, so that the designed experimental machine has low effectiveness

2. Construction safety technical measures must be targeted

the characteristics of building construction decide that there is no general construction safety technical measures. Corresponding construction safety technical measures must be formulated according to the situation of specific construction objects in order to guide construction production. Do not copy slogans to prevent generalization

① in view of the structural characteristics of the project and the danger that may be brought to the construction, technical measures should be taken to eliminate the danger and ensure the construction safety

② according to the process characteristics, such as slip form construction, integral lifting and hoisting of scaffold, technical measures are taken to ensure safe construction according to the possible risk factors to the construction

③ in view of the adverse factors that may be brought to the construction safety by the natural conditions and working environment of the construction site, corresponding measures shall be taken from the technical and management aspects to ensure the safe construction

④ for the possible risk factors caused by various selected mechanical equipment and power transformation and distribution facilities, control them from the aspects of technical measures and safety protection devices

⑤ technical measures shall be taken for the use of toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive and other special materials

⑥ according to the specific conditions of construction period requirements, labor organization and so on, take corresponding measures in technology and management to provide guarantee for construction safety

3. The main content of construction safety technical measures

due to the complex structure of the construction project, she went on to say that the geographical location and environmental conditions of each construction project are different, and there is no unified safety technical measures, so the preparation should be combined with the experience and lessons of the enterprise, the location and structural characteristics of the project, and the established safety objectives. The preparation of general engineering safety technical measures mainly considers the following contents

(1) identification of risk factors

the purpose of safety measures is to prevent or eliminate various injury accidents caused by on-site construction. The preparer must be clear about the hazards to be eliminated. We should raise the price of all DuPont tmzytel nylon products worldwide through on-site examination, carefully analyze and study the design documents, duration requirements, construction methods, project progress, materials used, and combine the actual situation of the enterprise to find out the hazards in the construction process, and analyze the possible injury accidents caused by these hazards under the conditions of which adverse factors exist, In the process of identifying the risk, the accidental factors of the accident should be considered, and then the types and degrees of the risks in each construction link should be determined

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