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Post press processing whole process service strategy -- about trade finishers' strategies binding matters, different business environments require different business strategies. For example, binding factories with different conditions have different business plans and operation modes. Which one is right? Maybe they are all right. In today's ever-changing field of printing technology, the best way of expression is the only one. In order to win in the seesaw competition, companies must try their best to publicize what they can do and adhere to what they say. Yesterday's secret of success - service, quality and reasonable price - now seems to be only the starting point of success. The company must also make necessary estimates of various influencing factors of trade, such as geographical location, consumers' shopping intention, the strength of management, and the core strength of the company. It's the right way to make a plan by taking advantage of your real advantages. Professional binding factory is located in the suburbs of Boston. There is a binding factory with a history of 45 years. The factory is a regional enterprise, with three post press processing lines: wireless binding, mechanical binding and horse riding binding as its main features., Business rarely extends beyond New England, Eastern New York, New Jersey and Southeast Canada. The factory is an enterprise that specializes in providing binding services for the printing industry in the northeast. It provides services such as folding, cutting, drilling and film covering to support the company's post press binding business. Occasionally, the company also accepts the business of single folding or single lamination, but it is not its main business. In the northeast, there are several companies with larger production lines than this factory, but the local market can accommodate these professional and comprehensive enterprises. Enterprises that can give priority to providing new products can have an advantage in the competition. The factory is the first company in New England to use pur super glue to solve the problem of difficult binding of products, so that customers can choose a binding method with lower cost than mechanical binding. Although the traditional binding process is still the main method adopted by the factory, PUR binding business has accounted for a large proportion of the company's business. In addition to wireless binding, the company's other two main methods are mechanical binding and horse riding binding. The company is trying to expand these markets, and recently purchased new page distribution equipment and online automatic paper feeding and drilling units to improve production capacity. Full service there is a binding enterprise in the middle of the UK, which maintains a high development speed. Unlike the enterprises mentioned above, the factory does not compete among large printing groups. Because: the commercial centers are too far apart, and in the process of post press processing, it is not practical to carry out long-distance transportation between professional processing plants. Therefore, we choose to adopt the whole process service method, that is, to carry out all post press processing procedures in one enterprise. The factory was born in 1985, and now it has developed from a company that cuts, folds and orders books to a variety of post press processing service providers. No matter what local printers need, such as wireless binding, mechanical binding, horse riding binding, rewetting and gluing, UV coating, die cutting, bronzing foil, polyester filling, etc., the factory can complete it within the enterprise. Most regional companies that claim they can do anything often use obsolete, semi automated, or even manual mechanical equipment. This operation from cutting, folding to book ordering requires the latest equipment of various models provided by top manufacturers. One of the experts is a Chicago based company that recently celebrated its centenary with another business strategy. The main business of the company is to carry out high-capacity and technically challenging folding, gluing and horse riding binding technology. One thing that can show its strength is that its customers are all over North America and beyond. Last year, the business scope of the factory expanded to more than 30 states, four countries and three continents. Anyone familiar with the industry knows that a state-owned binding company is quite different, especially in providing some unique products, which is almost unique. According to the company, almost every day, people around the world who have technical difficulties or large work projects will contact the company. The company has brought strong vitality to its professional field. Half of its 80000 square meter plant is used for folding. Proud to have more than 60 folding machines, the maximum folding size can reach 80 ", and the minimum spine seam distance can reach 7/16". The company's five full-length horse riding sewing lines can bind miniature products, oversized products (up to 19 '') and complex products requiring up to 12 fences. In addition, the company has 18 glue dispensers. Outsourcing is a major principle of the company's operation. The person in charge of the company believes that external procurement can enable the company to focus on the development of core business, and there is no need to be distracted by the requirement to complete internal work. The company believes that the American economy itself includes the business model of external procurement, and the company also operates according to this view. For example, the company once had a truck fleet and an internal accounting department. After canceling these internal departments and making full efforts to carry out external procurement, the cost of the company has been greatly reduced, and now it can better serve customers. When it comes to transportation, the person in charge of the company said: the transportation cost of outsourcing is lower than that of internal contracting 20 years ago. Moreover, the company's service is better than before, and all kinds of transportation service problems can be solved in time. Using trade means, because the development of the printing market in New England is not as fast as that in the Midwest, this company has adopted a more cautious development strategy than the first two companies. According to the survey, the growth rate in the East is the second lowest in the country - only slightly higher than that in the south. Although 1999 was a bumper year for many printing companies in New England, the region still lost two binding plants with strength in the same industry: one went bankrupt and the other was merged. These changes have greatly affected the prospects of the company. This binding factory has a history of 45 years. In order to survive for a long time, the company will sacrifice everything to improve the growth rate. Last year, under the strict management of the leading department, the company had a growth rate of 15%. "The steady growth shows that our production is in good condition and we are ready to face all difficulties." The person in charge of the company said, "even if our local situation changes, our business will still come from all over the country. We don't rely on local business like other binding factories." And the company's development direction is undisguised. "This year, we will increase construction and continue to install imprinters. Last year, we made a third transformation, and all departments have added employees. When our binding business covers the whole state of Iowa, we are more convinced that we have made the best choice." Capability equipment although the principals of the three companies have very different understandings of the development situation of post press technology, they agree with one view: buy the most advanced and important equipment. Since the incredibly low unemployment rate makes it difficult for companies to develop in terms of labor, new growth points can only come from improving automation and management methods. Gradually, many people want to know why the company can do so much and do so well. Before adopting the whole process service strategy, the company decided to authorize some leaders to establish a small company within the company and enjoy autonomy over their unique business. For example, the leaders of this pilot small company can choose their own staff and have the priority of choice within the small company. These leaders can decide who will work overtime and who will help arrange maintenance. Through these exercises, employees generally reflect that they have the passion to overcome difficulties in their work. After that, we didn't let other employees do the same work again. Our operation is: Whoever makes cars in the working group has control over his own work. Quality can be guaranteed within our enterprise. The person in charge of the company has been working hard to develop better technology and production processes in order to provide better services to customers. The company focuses on developing distinctive configurations and ultra large capacity equipment. Some companies specially provide plastic processing plants with a small scope, which mainly adopt manual cleaning; Mechanical cleaning efficiency is high, 81/2x11 double fold and 11x17 three fold products, but this company does not. It mainly carries out horizontal folding, large folding illustrations, multi fold sub folding, super large folding, micro size folding, and highly difficult horseback binding without considering regional issues. The person in charge of the company pointed out that as early as the 1970s, the company made efforts to improve professional technology and hired skilled technicians. And customers are also hoping to solve some more difficult projects - because if the company can do so, customers will still adopt advanced technology. In terms of management and customer service, the company tries to improve all aspects of its business - including evaluation and customer service, and tries its best to deal with all businesses accepted. The company believes that the bookbinding industry can also increase equipment and improve technology without leaving books. Companies often analyze new equipment. A few months ago, the company bought a new type of page dispenser to improve the productivity of mechanical binding. This decision brought double benefits to on-demand printers who would not consider cooperating with the company before. Die cutting is a frequently discussed business expansion area, but so far, the company still chooses to outsource these services. Like this company, another company also considered entering other post press processing markets, but failed because it did not push the working piston upward and passed the key qualification examination. For services such as transportation and account settlement, the company is responsible for not easy to bump in the transportation process. People think that external procurement is better than completing it internally. If customers have other outsourcing businesses, the company usually allows them to choose: let the company deal with it or purchase externally by themselves. Some customers are satisfied with external procurement, while others are dissatisfied. Both methods are beneficial to the company. A few years ago, the company realized its demand for the die cutting and post press processing department, and even without a piece of equipment, it has recruited a post press department manager. Then the company turned to the post press part, and even changed its name to binding processing company to reflect this strategy. Although the three companies hold different opinions on one-step service, their respective sales ideas are the same: keep their promises. The first company: going out to understand the market without giving play to the office mechanism of the provincial leading group for resolving excess capacity is to sit and wait for business, so that customers know that if the company has no ability, it will not take over relevant business. Establish a good reputation. The second company: fifteen years of operation experience has taught us that there are many ways to do something right, and there is only one way to do it wrong. When we promise to do it, we can do it. The third company: customers think we can accept some ideas and realize them. What we provide is reliability, so that customers can rest assured

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