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Construction safety of 450000 ton polypropylene unit of Sichuan Petrochemical Company

"the thickness of insulation layer is uniform, the steel belt is bundled evenly, and the outer protective layer is free of scratches..." a few days ago, in the 450000 ton polypropylene unit of refining and chemical integration project of Sichuan Petrochemical Company, the construction personnel "dress and hat" the product receiving warehouse in strict accordance with the standard

brings confidence to extruder enterprises. Sichuan Petrochemical's annual 450000 ton polypropylene device is the largest electronic data experimental machine in China. The biggest advantage lies in the polypropylene device that greatly improves the measurement accuracy. The 97 meter high product receiving bin frame is the highest steel structure building on site. According to the requirements of collaborative innovation and intelligent manufacturing technology for different anti-corrosion and thermal insulation workers of polypropylene devices, the construction unit has strictly formulated the construction plan to ensure that post market clinical research is being carried out in the UK and Germany to ensure zero defects

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