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Engineering pile construction organization design

(I). Main design technical requirements

there are two types of piles, one is compression pile, the other is uplift pile, and the pile diameter is Φ 600, the effective pile length is 34m, the number of piles is 234, and the concrete strength of all piles in this project is underwater C30

(II). Construction scheme and construction process flow

1. Construction process

according to our previous construction experience, combined with the actual situation of the project. The project adopts positive circulation rotary drilling, natural slurry making and hole forming, and the secondary hole cleaning conduit method is used to pour underwater concrete. The whole process is divided into two parts: hole forming and pile forming. The hole forming part includes rotary drilling, mud

wall protection and one-time hole cleaning. The pile forming part includes the fabrication of reinforcement cage, lowering of reinforcement cage, placement of tremie, secondary hole cleaning, commercial concrete pouring, pulling of tremie in several times, and pile forming

2. Site preparation in the early stage of construction (1) various procedures before construction (such as construction permit, supervision report, etc.)

(2) according to the construction requirements, do a good job of the construction access road in the construction area. 1. Whether the use of fixtures is safe and convenient. The reinforcement cage production shed and hard drawings are cheap. The direct use is the self painting floor production and temporary facilities (toilets, accommodation, offices, test block room, on the other hand, from the comprehensive advantages of the sharing platform)

(3) arrange the water supply, power supply and drainage system according to the construction requirements

(4) excavate the mud pit and drainage ditch according to the construction requirements

(5) before construction, the surveying datum line and benchmark shall be rechecked, and the planning department shall be notified for acceptance. The datum line and benchmark shall be well protected. At the same time, the axis measurement shall be carried out according to the design drawings, and the axis shall be snapped onto the floor with ink line

(6) do a good job in positioning and setting out, burying and correcting the protective pipe, and keep it vertical. The surrounding area is filled with clay, and the center deviation is ≤ 2cm

(7) do a good job in equipment installation, inspection and commissioning

(8) raw materials (commercial concrete, steel, etc.) enter the site in advance as planned, and there should be a product certificate. After entering the site, the raw materials should be retested according to the specification requirements

(9) before starting work, the technical and safety disclosure of Sichuan branch construction personnel must be carried out, and all personnel must be complete with "three certificates"

(10) in case of encountering large underground obstacles such as civil air defense, Party B shall immediately report to Party A for negotiation

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