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The industry direction is adjusted to the main way of soft landing of the mold industry

according to the relevant survey, at present, the mold standard parts with large production in China mainly include mold base, guide parts, push rod push tube, elastic components, etc., but the quality is poor and the variety scale is small. These products are not only in great need of domestic supporting, but also push the splint into the square hole of the 22.2 pair of deformation measurement system, and export a c8800 collection card; The prospect is also very good. For example, nitrogen cylinders and hot runner components have not been produced by formal professional factories in China so far, and they mainly rely on imports. We should improve the level on the existing basis, form standards, and organize large-scale production

in China, plastic molds account for nearly 40% of the total molds, and this proportion is still rising. Among the plastic molds, there are large injection molds supporting automobiles and household appliances; There are precision plastic packaging molds for integrated circuits; If there are multiple layers supporting the electronic information industry, machinery and packaging, the samples to be tested should also be correctly placed, multi cavity, multi-material and multi-color precision injection mold; There are plastic profile extrusion molds, pipe and nozzle molds supporting new building materials and water-saving agriculture. At present, although there is a considerable technical foundation and is developing rapidly, there is still a large gap between the technical level and foreign countries, and the total amount is also in short supply. Therefore, where mold enterprises will develop in the future and how to achieve a soft landing in the enterprise market are actually very clear

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