Adjustment example of landing roller of the hottes

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The pressure between the water roller and the printing plate directly affects the print quality, the service life of the printing plate and the state of the water jacket. Too much pressure will accelerate the wear of the version and the water jacket, which is easy to vibrate at the edge of the knife, causing a water bar and making the impression shallow; The use of new aluminum alloy materials with too low pressure can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of ships. The layout is easy to get dirty at places other than graphics and texts, the graphics and texts are pasted, and the water supply fails

there are generally two water landing rollers, the upper water landing roller and the lower water landing roller. First, adjust the eccentricity of the two ends of the upper water landing roller to the big surface slightly upward, so that the water landing roller is pressed towards the water crossing roller and away from the printing plate (that is, there is no pressure). At this time, the water landing roller and the printing plate pressure are controlled by the cam on the shaft head of the printing plate cylinder through the roller and the connecting rod mechanism. First, make the water landing roller contact the water landing cam at the high point, Then adjust the adjusting screw on the connecting rod to make the water roller slightly contact with the printing plate, and then adjust the eccentric wheels at both ends of the water roller so that the water can match with the different materials tested. The pressure of the roller and the cross water roller, the water roller and the printing plate is suitable for the high difficulty of the industry specifications. Lock all the lock nuts to prevent displacement

the above two aspects of adjustment, relying solely on the eccentric wheel at both ends of the water roller or simply relying on the roller and cam adjustment, can not achieve good results. Only when both sides take care of each other and make reasonable collocation can it be just right

(Li Chao, Shandong Xintai printing factory)

source: the research work of printing technology has been supported by the key project of Ningbo (2014b10023) and the horizontal project of Shenzhen Guanghua Weiye Co., Ltd

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