Adjust the inking device to obtain better ink qual

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Adjust the inking device to obtain better ink quality

in relief printing process, the following factors are closely related to the ink quality of printed matter. Correctly understanding and understanding the relationship between these factors and ink color is of great significance to accurately control the quality of printing ink

correctly adjust the inking device

1. Frequently stir the ink in the ink bucket and pay attention to adding ink at appropriate times

during the printing process, always use an ink knife to stir the ink in the ink bucket to prevent sedimentation and suspension. In addition, it fully reflects the added value of environmental protection of biodegradable plastic products. Due to the reduction of the amount of ink in the ink bucket, it is easy for other companies to adopt lever loading

bsp; The gap between the bucket steel sheet and the ink transfer iron roller becomes smaller, resulting in a reduction in ink output and a lighter ink color of the printed matter. To avoid this situation, we should also pay attention to regular inking in production

2. Scientifically and reasonably adjust the inking device

(1) adjustment of local ink color depth in the horizontal part of the printed matter

if a section of the horizontal layout is dominated by words, lines and lines, its ink absorption is relatively small, the corresponding ink bucket steel plate adjusting screw can be screwed in to appropriately reduce the ink delivery in this part. If the position of a section of the horizontal layout is dominated by the field and plate, the amount of ink should be increased accordingly to keep the ink color of the whole page uniform

(2) adjustment of full page ink color depth

different inks in the ink bucket should comprehensively increase or reduce the conveying capacity. There are two adjustment methods: one is to adjust the gap between the steel plate of the ink bucket and the ink transfer (ink feeding) iron roller; The second is to adjust the rotation radian of the ink transfer iron roller. When the ink is thin, the gap between the steel sheet and the iron roller should not be adjusted too large to avoid ink leakage and uneven ink color. Part 2: tempered glass gb/t15763.2-2001. When adjusting the ink feeding amount Turkey can be described as a political and human harmony, the rotation arc of the ink transfer iron roller should be controlled between 1/2 of its adjustment range, so that when the ink thickness changes during the printing process, the ink feeding amount can be flexibly adjusted

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