The world's first all PP chocolate packaging box

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The world's first all PP chocolate packaging box

cosfabel creative packaging of France designed the world's first all PP chocolate packaging. This is a reusable plastic box that can be sealed and reused. It has been used to pack finesses de Chocolat chocolate from R é Villon chocolatier. Cosfabel said that plastic materials are used more and more frequently in today's chocolate packaging field. Due to its outstanding transparency, people prefer the packaging of pet and PVC materials, so pet and PVC packaging containers are common in the market, but the position of PP packaging in the packaging market cannot be ignored

new packaging helps products realize differentiation

this new product packaging of R é Villon chocolate company is a drawer type packaging container, with an 80 micron thick rigid PP drawer inside, on which there are two hollow cavities, respectively containing a thermoformed PP material tray for holding chocolate products, and the external packaging is a 50 micron thick PP material shell

this all PP packing box is made by roskoplast, a subsidiary of cosfabel group. Its PP material shell is printed by a combination of two printing methods. 3. Zui large dynamic experimental force: 20KN; UV offset printing technology is used to print full-color patterns of packaging. In addition, silk printing is used to print glittering visual effects on the outer surface of the package. The packaging produced by the combination of the two printing methods is very beautiful, dazzling, and has a significant shelf impact effect, which helps R é Villon chocolate company to achieve product differentiation with a humidity of 20% - 80%

Cosfabel is optimistic

cosfabel is actively exploring the chocolate packaging market, hoping to improve its competitiveness and make more achievements in this field in the future. In terms of production cost, Bertrand chassagne, the company's sales manager, said: "If we use the raw materials produced in Europe, it can also be calibrated at a high-precision speed. Our packaging manufacturing cost is about 20% higher than the related paperboard packaging, so we import more and more PP materials from the Far East. In this way, our packaging manufacturing cost is only about 10% higher than the related paperboard packaging. Compared with the paperboard packaging, the packaging products made of PP materials are more attractive, have a good touch, and have outstanding characteristics Printability. "

information source: global color box industry

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