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according to TRIZ's five-level classification of invention problems, generally the relatively simple level-1 to level-3 invention problems can be solved by using the innovation principle or the standard solution of invention problems, while those non-standard invention problems that are old but not new and complex, such as level-4 and level-5 problems, It is often necessary to apply the inventive problem solving algorithm Ariz for systematic analysis and solution

ariz (algorithm for invent problem solving) - invent problem solving algorithm, which is a main method to analyze and solve problems in TRIZ theory, and its goal is to solve the physical contradictions of problems. The algorithm mainly aims at the technical systems with complex problem situations, contradictions and unclear related components. It is a non computational logical process of a series of deformation and redefinition of the initial problem, which realizes the gradual in-depth analysis and transformation of the problem, and finally solves the problem. The algorithm especially emphasizes the standardization of problem contradiction and ideal solution. On the one hand, the technical system evolves towards the ideal solution. On the other hand, if a technical problem has contradictions that need to be overcome, the problem will become an innovation problem

triz believes that the difficulty of solving an innovation problem depends on the description of the problem and the degree of standardization of the problem. The clearer the description, the higher the degree of standardization of the problem, the easier the problem will be solved. In Ariz, the process of innovation problem solving is a process of continuous description and standardization of problems. In this process, the most fundamental contradiction of the initial problem is clearly revealed. If the existing data in the scheme library can be significantly improved compared with lead halogenated perovskite, there is a standard solution to this problem; If the existing data can not solve the problem, there is no standard solution, and it needs to wait for the further development of science and technology. This process is realized by Ariz algorithm

ariz algorithm mainly includes six modules:

the first module: situation analysis, building problem model

the second module: problem model analysis based on material field analysis method

the third module: define the final ideal solution and physical contradiction

the fourth module: physical conflict resolution

the fifth module: if the contradiction cannot be solved, adjust or rebuild the initial problem model

the sixth module: solution analysis and evaluation

first, minimize the problems existing in the system. The principle is to change the system as little as possible on the premise that the system can achieve its necessary functions; Secondly, it defines the technical contradiction of the system and establishes a "problem model" for the contradiction; Then the problem model is analyzed, the time and space involved in the problem are defined, and the resources included in the system are analyzed by using the object field analysis method; Next, the final ideal solution of the system is defined. Generally, in order to obtain the ideal solution of the system, it is necessary to define the physical contradictions contained in the system from the macro and micro levels, that is, the system itself may produce two opposite physical properties, such as cold heat, conductive insulation, transparent opaque, etc

therefore, the next step is to define and eliminate physical contradictions in the system. The elimination of contradictions requires the maximum use of resources in the system and the help of engineering principles such as physics, chemistry and geometry. As a rule to ensure the heat dissipation of electromechanical work, if the problem is still unsolved after the application of the analysis principle, it is considered that the definition of the initial problem is wrong, and it is necessary to adjust the initial problem model or redefine the problem

the key to the success of Ariz application is to continuously refine the problem before understanding the essence of the problem until the physical contradictions contained in the problem are determined

as shown in the figure, the Ariz algorithm solves the innovation problem

the following is an example of using Ariz algorithm to solve a friction welding problem

problem: friction welding is the simplest way to connect two pieces of metal. Fix one piece of metal and rotate the other against it. Nothing will happen as long as there is a gap between the two pieces of metal. However, when two pieces of metal contact, the contact part will generate high heat, and the metal begins to melt. With a certain pressure, the two pieces of metal can be welded together. A factory needs to build a channel with 10 meters of cast iron pipes in each section. These cast iron pipes should be connected by friction welding. But to make such a large iron pipe rotate, we need to build a very large machine and go through several workshops

the process to solve this problem is as follows:

a) minimum problem: friction welding of cast iron pipes without major changes to existing equipment

b) system contradiction: the pipe shall be rotated for welding, and the pipe shall not be rotated to avoid the use of large equipment

c) problem model: change a component in the existing system to realize friction welding without rotating the pipe to be welded

d) opposite field and resource analysis: the opposite field is the rotation of the pipe, and the easily changed element is the contact part of the two pipes

e) ideal solution: only rotate the contact part of the tube

f) physical contradiction: the integrity of the tube limits the rotation of only the contact part of the tube

g) elimination of physical contradictions and solutions: insert a short tube between two long tubes, rotate the short tube, and press the tubes together until they are welded

ariz algorithm has excellent operability, systematization, practicability and easy flow, especially for those non-standard invention problems with complex problem situations and no obvious contradictions, it is more effective and feasible. After continuous improvement and development, Ariz has become an important support and advanced tool for TRIZ. (end)

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