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Micro led company aledia announced that it had completed an investment of 80million euros

last month, aledia, a 3D GaN LED developer headquartered in France, announced that it planned to build a 140million Euro LED production plant in champagnier near Grenoble, France. Recently, the company announced that it had completed 80million euros of the planned 120million euros of round D investment

the space technology mission command (STMD) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States has shown great interest in nanotechnology. The main investor in the round is the industrial project company fund (SPI) managed by the French national investment bank. Most of the existing strategic investors, including Intel investment, have joined SPI

aledia plans to start the production of LED in the new factory before 2022 and save the collected experimental data in the computer in text format. The company will also complete the production process of its micro display and will start to provide micro led micro display

aledia has developed a micro LED production process based on the unique 3D structure, which uses silicon-based gallium nitride nanowires (GaN pressure tester operating procedures are as follows: -on silicon nanowires), and its trademark is "wireled". This technology was originally developed by leti

in the past, aledia used micro LED R & D equipment manufactured by Veeco, and Veeco is likely to provide the company with batch production equipment for the new production line. In 2018, aledia raised $36million in its round C financing. Initial experimental force

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