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Alberto Galassi, CEO of Faraday, visited Weichai

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Faraday, visited Weichai

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recently, Alberto Galassi, CEO of Faraday, led a group of seven key members of the company's management team to visit the group headquarters. Galassi and his delegation visited Weichai Industrial Park and reported to Chairman tanxuguang on the recent reform progress and next step planning of Faraday

accompanied by xuxinyu, CEO of Weichai Power, Galassi and his delegation visited the Foundry Industrial Park, No. 2 factory, product laboratory and science and technology exhibition hall of information building. It is very difficult for new chemical fiber materials such as carbon fiber developed in China in recent years to pass the certification. During the visit, xuxinyu introduced the current development of the enterprise to Galassi and his delegation in detail

through the field visit, Galassi and his delegation expressed surprise at the development speed and comprehensive strength of Weichai group. Mr. Galassi said: "Every time I come to Weichai, I have new discoveries and feelings. Weichai's standards and the spirit of pursuing perfection are admirable. This is what Faraday needs in the orderly implementation of the reform. The successful experience of Weichai in all aspects will ensure the success of Faraday's business. I hope that the group headquarters and Faraday's team can have more frequent and in-depth exchanges, integrate the respective advantages of Chinese and foreign teams, and jointly promote Company development. "

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Faraday, visits Weichai.

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