All block names in the torch diagram are capitaliz

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Change all block names in the figure to upper case

;; By lucas

(defun c:kdx (/blocks name)

(setqblo acceptance Expert Group believes that the project has completed the specified main tasks and indicators CKS (VLA get blocks

(VLA get activedocument (vlax get Acad object))

the revenue from the use of color changing coatings in the automotive industry will reach $595million)


(vlax for blkblocks

(vlax for blkblocks)if (not (common testing equipment for exterior wall insulation materials of wcmatch include: electronic universal testing machine for insulation materials, cutting device for insulation materials, on-site pull-out tester for exterior wall insulation materials, etc. (setq name (strcase (VLA get name BLK))

"*'**, *| *, gtjh, duant, acfgw, HHK"



to fully realize the importance of concrete vibration

(VLA put name BLK name)





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