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A piece of exciting news came from Alcatel Lucent's interpretation of the future network development path

in the past five years, intelligent terminals have continued to grow rapidly, the data network scale of enterprises and large institutions has continued to expand, and wireless and wired UWB services have grown rapidly. These changes have driven the overall transformation of the industry and fundamentally changed people's communication experience. However, the value of networks and network operators has been continuously weakened, resulting in problems such as operators' revenue reduction, profitability decline and brand influence decline. In the face of data congestion, the traditional networks cannot develop sustainably by endlessly spending huge amounts of money on upgrading

the latest research model of Bell Laboratories shows that by 2017, the traffic of metropolitan cloud and data center will increase by 440%, and there will be 3.9 billion people in the world; In the next five years, the wireless bandwidth will increase by more than 10 times, and the wired bandwidth will exceed 20 times; By 2020, 70billion items will be connected to the Internet

therefore, it is necessary to change. Whether it is the network construction mode or the supervision mode, the design of the network architecture must comply with the principle that the network adapts to the end user, not the end user. At the same time, the network needs to maintain a certain scale and flexibility to cope with the sudden increase of traffic. Alcatel lucent believes that the key to the future network development lies in: network speed, the integration of network and cloud, distributed network structure, user perception of network and network security

the future network will be faster.

the network must keep up with the pace of end users. In the next five years, the wireless network bandwidth will increase by more than 10 times, and the wired network bandwidth will increase by more than 20 times. 1t interface will become the standard interface for optical transmission. LTE and LTE-A plus indoor and outdoor micro base stations will greatly improve the spectrum efficiency and spatial efficiency. In the wired field, 1. Easy to use: the application of 1-key operation vectorization technology enables the copper wire to reach 1Gbps or higher transmission rate. 5g network will be a cloud architecture with complete integration of wireless and wired; IP routing and WDM will be more integrated with SDN control technology. At the same time, all these changes will effectively achieve low energy consumption and save space

the future network will be integrated with the cloud

in the past two years, the network and the cloud have become more and more closely, and the network will become a complete environment, with core and edge, cloud and virtualized network functions, which can not only alleviate the traffic congestion of the core, but also make the edge of the network closer to the end user

network function virtualization helps reduce costs, and enables more flexible and faster business launch. Nfv can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40% and shorten the deployment time of IMS from 18 months to a few weeks or even days. In addition, network operators can deploy a unified cloud platform (such as the new innovative cloud platform cloudb4 of Alcatel Lucent and the electro-hydraulic servo all-round data experimental machine and) to manage and schedule virtualized network functions on standard cloud nodes

however, the network also brings many challenges to the data center: the current data center must be shared by multiple users, and it must support the rapid deployment of more diversified businesses. The SDN solution of nuage networks adopts the operator level service aware routing technology, which has gradually become the choice of large Internet companies and network service providers

the future network will be closer to the end user.

the network design should consider the requirements of high efficiency and adaptability of traffic. Therefore, the future network should be widely distributed, adaptive to the needs of users, and the network edge should be intelligent, which can alleviate the network core congestion. In addition, the future network must be able to support big data according to user needs, manage terminal equipment, content and network infrastructure, and cannot be realized due to network constraints

based on such changes, we will see the emergence of distributed cloud access points, which include FTTx head end, pooled and virtualized ran, data analysis function, distributed storage function, virtualized IMS, EPC and CDN. Terminal device functions will also be virtualized and concentrated on the distributed cloud. For example, the set-top box is a good example. The hardware is integrated into the TV, and other functions are put on the network. At the same time, optical fiber, micro base stations and distributed antennas are gradually approaching end users

it can be said that the new generation network architecture will be more open and business centric

the future network should have the ability of user perception

at present, various terminal devices, networks and clouds are constantly integrating. This network can directly manage a variety of devices, collect feedback information, and provide the function of virtualized network devices to improve their interaction. Sensor, machine or video transmission will become an important element to improve user perception in the future, and will achieve a consistent user experience across multiple screens and services. The future network will continue to connect more and more objects, sensors, devices, vehicles or communication tools for us, thus generating huge data traffic. However, analytics will help the network improve the user experience autonomously. Bell Laboratories is carrying out relevant tests, and the results show that small failures in wireless video transmission can be reduced by more than 7 times

in a word, operators will rapidly expand the application range of big data capabilities to improve customer experience, or create new revenue sources with the help of new business models

the future network must be secure

with the globalization of cloud network, network attacks also show global, multiple collaboration and high complexity. We must provide all-round security for end users (whether individuals or organizations), including their important data and network experience. Moreover, the research shows that network is the main battlefield to deal with security threats, and a variety of security measures can be adopted here, such as: providing real-time encrypted transmission for optical transmission; Using advanced network driven software scheme for terminal management; Virus detection based on intelligent network analysis capability. The government and all industries must work together to take sound measures to reduce risks and prevent cybercrime through global cross domain cooperation on the premise of protecting the privacy of end users

the future network construction must be carried out through the cooperation of all stakeholders. Alcatel lucent has been committed to promoting ecosystem collaboration among suppliers, operators and end users, from the related parties of network design, management and expansion to automobile manufacturers, energy companies, governments and financial institutions. Alcatel lucent cooperated with HP a few years ago; Last year, it cooperated with Qualcomm to accelerate the development of micro base stations; Recently, we have cooperated with Intel to accelerate the development of network function virtualization, which will bring leading technology and time advantages to both sides in realizing the new distributed virtual architecture; Recently, Alcatel lucent also signed a joint innovation agreement with telecom Spain to promote the development and promotion of network function virtualization in the telecommunications industry

in breaking through the existing policy control, realizing the maximum potential of the communication industry and realizing the real value of the network, Alcatel lucent will cooperate with the industry and other suppliers to work together for the development of the network in the future

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