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In the second week of June, according to the requirements of the "safety production month" activities of the group company, the enterprises affiliated to Sinomach group seriously carried out safety education and training activities, creating a good atmosphere for the "safety production month" activities

all enterprises of Sinomach are welcome to consult about the "safe production month" activities

all enterprises carry out education and training closely around the theme of "strengthening the rule of law on safety and ensuring safe production", publicize and implement the new safe production law, and further strengthen the thematic content of fire prevention safety, electricity safety and accident first aid, The National Heavy Duty group also held a competition on the operation skills of polypropylene trucks and forklifts when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear. More than 240 leaders, middle-level cadres, team leaders and safety management personnel of affiliated enterprises participated in the training

by strengthening safety training and skill operation competition, the safety operation skills of employees are standardized and their safety awareness is strengthened, which provides a guarantee for strengthening the safety legal system and ensuring safe production

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