All ex factory prices of domestic polypropylene on

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On December 21, all ex factory prices of domestic polypropylene

manufacturer brand ex factory prices

Yanshan Petrochemical k

Yanshan Petrochemical ppr

Yanshan Petrochemical

Yanshan Petrochemical

Yanshan Petrochemical - 9760

Yanshan Petrochemical k

Liaoyang Petrochemical

Liaoyang Petrochemical

Liaoyang Petrochemical

Lanzhou Petrochemical f

Lanzhou Petrochemical t30s10400

Yangzi Petrochemical f

Yangzi Petrochemical j

Yangzi Petrochemical s

Yangzi stone Hua s

Yangzi Petrochemical k

Yangzi Petrochemical k

Yangzi Petrochemical c

Guangzhou Petrochemical f

Guangzhou Petrochemical cjs

Shanghai Petrochemical f800e13000 - 13000

Shanghai Petrochemical Y - 10500

Shanghai Petrochemical T - 10300

Shanghai Petrochemical Y - 11000

Shanghai Petrochemical Y - 11500

Shanghai Petrochemical m180r11000 - 11000

Shanghai Petrochemical Sinopec gm1600e13900 - 13900

Shanghai Petrochemical FC - 13000

Shanghai Petrochemical J - 13000

large Lianhua petrochemical t30s11800 - 11800

Dalian Petrochemical F - 10600

Daqing Petrochemical t30s9900

Daqing Petrochemical t38f10150

Daqing Petrochemical bopp11700

Daqing Petrochemical 1ppr-1d11700

Daqing Petrochemical 2ppr-2d11900

Fujian refinery t30s10150

Fujian refinery v30s12250

Fujian refinery t he thought: "At present, in the recycling of waste products, 36f12250

Fushun Petrochemical t30s10000

Fushun Petrochemical z30s10150

Jiujiang Petrochemical t30s9800

Jiujiang Petrochemical t36f12300 - 12300

Hunan Changsheng t38f98500 - 9800

Hunan Changsheng z30s11000

Hunan Changsheng t30s10500 - 11000

Qilu Petrochemical t30s10300 - 11300

Qi Sinopec Shandong t36f9200 - 9200

Sinopec Qilu eps30r11600 - 11600

Tianjin United t30s9800 - 9800

Tianjin United z30s11950 - 12000

Tianjin United eps30r10150 - 10150

Tianjin United - 12150

Wuhan Phoenix t30s9600

Wuhan Phoenix t36f10800

Zhongyuan ethylene t30s9800

the following are the key technical elements of polyurethane bare board thermal insulation foam plastic technical data: brocade ethylene p - 11800

Panjin Ethylene f

Panjin Ethylene t30s11800

Panjin Ethylene v30v s10750

Panjin Ethylene t36f10850

Luoyang Petrochemical YS - 10450

Luoyang Petrochemical t30s11700 -7. Round sample clamping diameter: 13- 40; 11700

Luoyang Petrochemical jf

Luoyang Petrochemical f

Maoming Petrochemical t30s9800

Maoming Petrochemical z30s11800

Maoming Petrochemical T56 one-way air valve fell off f7900

Maoming Petrochemical epc30r12650

Maoming Petrochemical hhp312600

Jingmen Petrochemical t36f10400

Jingmen Petrochemical t30s11710 - 11710

Jingmen petrochemical- 10200

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical t30s9850- 9850

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical v30g9550- 9550

Dalian you Machine t30s10600 - 10600

Dalian organic z30s10000

Dalian organic f

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