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It is understood that international sanitary ware brands have always focused on the domestic high-end market, and although the consumption capacity of this part of the population has shrunk, it is still very strong

a man depends on his clothes and a horse on his saddle. Similarly, our kitchen environment is the same. No matter how big the kitchen is, there is no suitable "clothes" to dress up, even if it is a luxurious overall cabinet or expensive household appliances, it cannot show a perfect and bright overall effect., Then ceramic tiles will play the role of clothes in the kitchen, and there are many classifications, such as fashionable and generous, gorgeous and elegant, elegant and so on. The following four affordable tiles are mainly recommended for friends with a small budget, hoping to give some inspiration to friends without decoration experience

product recommendation: Smick glazed tile Smick glazed tile specification: 300*300mm

market price: 5 yuan/piece

product features: first of all, the brand of this ceramic tile is quite popular, and the quality is very guaranteed. The surface of glazed tiles is easy to scratch, so it is very common to be used as wall tiles. The kitchen has a lot of oil smoke, and the tiles with smooth surface and no ripple will be much easier to take care of

comments: in the market, the price of ceramic tiles like brands is very rare at 5 yuan/piece, so the price of this ceramic tile is very reasonable, and friends with limited budget are a very suitable choice. Bricks with smooth surface can create a modern and simple style. If the integrated white is too monotonous, you may as well choose tiles of similar products, which only need 2-3 pieces. The color can be as bright as possible. There is another advantage of choosing plain bricks, which has a visual expansion effect on small space kitchens. If the color of tiles is single, the color of cabinets should be carefully selected, and the overall beauty of such collocation will be better

product recommendation: Dongpeng ceramic tile specification: 300*300mm

market price: 15 yuan/piece

product features: Dongpeng ceramic tile is fairly famous, and the product quality is also OK. The surface is crystal clear, light in color, and integrated with some natural elements. It gives people a refreshing and pleasant feeling. The printing pattern on the surface is embedded in the interior of the ceramic tile, so the surface is not uneven, which makes it easier to clean

comments: generally, ceramic tiles with rich colors are more expensive in workmanship and color than plain bricks, but the overall effect is also very good. This series of tiles are mainly in warm colors, and the overall visual effect will be better for those kitchens with large areas. Simple pattern modeling can create a perfect simple curve, so the kitchen space is more beautiful. At the same time, there are supporting wall tiles. Generally speaking, floor tiles will have a certain anti-skid effect, so the gloss is lower than wall tiles. Affordable price and bright appearance will create a perfect and brand-new fashion kitchen

product recommendation: Nobel tile size: 300*300

market price: 14 yuan/piece

product features: the brand name has long been a household name. This is an affordable vitrified floor tile, which is the hardest of all tiles. The surface is smooth and does not need polishing, so there is no problem of polishing pores. The texture is more wear-resistant than polished tiles, so it is very suitable as a floor tile

comments: ordinary families will regard this brand as a luxury. But now the event is in the preferential period, so the merchants have made a great adjustment in the price, and now it is very cost-effective to buy. The color of ceramic tiles is a little biased towards retro color, so it is suitable for economic rural and European kitchen decoration. The selection of wall tiles is best close to that of floor tiles, which will create a better effect. When you are not sure whether the tiles are good or bad, this kind of well-known tiles will be a good choice. It's best to match with the overall cabinet of the molded series, which has a retro charm and a faint classical flavor, and the overall effect is very good

summary: the purchase of ceramic tiles may pay more attention to the appearance, and the overall coordination with the home decoration style is the appropriate ceramic tiles. Therefore, when buying, many people who are not knowledgeable ignore the quality problem, and bad ceramic tiles will have cracks or deformation when they encounter high temperature or hard objects. At the same time, remind users to buy some famous and affordable tiles, which are still very cost-effective. At the same time of quality assurance, the price is also satisfactory, which is also what many economic families need





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