Antique re creation shows the personalized express

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In modern scientific and technological life, which pays more and more attention to exquisite craftsmanship, the uncut "original ecology" has become the most rare state. The following 10 simple mix and match skills, through the re creation of antique, make modern home show an alternative aesthetic new fashion from the bone

weathered roof: after the original smooth wood is polished, mixed with primer and then painted, it seems that it has experienced a sense of change of years. The antique log boards form a spire effect, which increases the visual hierarchy of the space and makes the roof look higher

masonry wall: the "naked makeup" wall with masonry cement is the highlight of the whole living room. Even if used in the living room with simple colors, such avant-garde design will not hinder the use of space, but also ensure the permeability of space

eye-catching decorative paintings: peacocks and peonies are the most familiar pictures. When we were young, we would have oneortwo such decorative paintings in our home. Today, give them a more fashionable mix and match method, and home decoration has also become with the times

reuse of old door panels: as a new form of furniture decoration, the wine cellar wooden door "crossing" from the western cowboy film has both a sense of history and increased the practicality of the furniture. There is no typical old heavy air. This new hybrid style integrating modern elements shows a traditional but not stereotyped overall impression




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