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From May 14 to 16, 2019, the professional knowledge training of aesthetic consultants of the scholarly "Lingshan clean water asks Wudang" was successfully completed in Xianshan Wudang, an outstanding place

Ms. Wang Jiazhen, assistant vice president and general manager of Human Resources Department of Shuxiang Mendi, stressed in the opening that in the past year, the industry has experienced a major reshuffle. In such an environment, the company has still achieved double-digit sales growth, and in the past five years, the company has maintained the momentum of rapid development and rapid growth, which comes from the efforts of all Shuxiang people. This achievement also requires us to continue to maintain the competitive advantage of the brand, improve our ability through training, and build a talent team with scholarly characteristics

the training content mainly includes terminal store management and competitive product analysis, "beauty + service" floor maintenance, aesthetic marketing, standard script release, standard quality management, crystal element product customization, aesthetic process quality and other related professional knowledge; The training lineup was strong, and the headquarters sent an internal heavyweight lecturer group of shuxiangmen to fully support this important training

in class, students are studying hard. (you look so charming when you are serious)

break games are played ~ (full of spirit to learn!)

after the training, the students actively share the learning summary. Scholarly people who love learning are the most beautiful

(due to the limited space, it's a pity that we can't summarize the students one by one)

the break time is not wasted, and serious bookies are "encircling" teachers to study

after learning, of course, we should practice, and the exam is indispensable! The exam is very strict. Mobile phones, textbooks and notes are all isolated, and the team members are completely scattered. All this knowledge is for a real exam

after the students' examination, the teachers and regional managers began to grade the papers

201905 students have graduated

Mr. Li Qun, general manager of channel management department, made a training summary. He stressed that students should cherish every training opportunity, adhere to learning, constantly enrich themselves, enhance professional knowledge, improve marketing ability, share personal cases for everyone, and encourage students to call

finally, President Li Qun and the sixth group with the highest performance in the training process will shadow and award learning bonuses; Take a group photo with the top two Xueba students from Xi'an and Xiamen





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