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Today's wardrobe can have many choices in design style, not only in style, but also in brand, color, price, style and so on. Then you should consider the actual situation of your home space when choosing. However, the wardrobe of general customized series is very popular. How can you design the wardrobe more reasonably? Now let's take a look at the map of the bedroom wardrobe, as well as the relevant contents of the four design tips of the wardrobe

bedroom wardrobe Figure 1

many people prefer to customize the wardrobe design used in the home bedroom, so that we can build it according to our own favorite style and style, but customized wardrobe is too pursue “ Works of art ” This makes the wardrobe considerable and impractical. Whether it is the appearance design, manufacturing process or the use function of customized wardrobe, it must be down-to-earth and implemented in every actual need of people. Deeply loved and trusted by consumers, the wardrobe does not necessarily need that kind of maverick, but it must be convenient in use

bedroom wardrobe Figure 2

if we insist on the pursuit of beauty in the design of bedroom wardrobe, but ignore the safety of the product, then this is also a violation of the most basic principles of design. Now, in order to pursue the ultimate beauty, many families demolish the load-bearing walls, beams and columns, adjacent bathrooms, etc. in their homes, and design wardrobes with damp walls. So it not only increases the insecurity index of the room, but also affects the service life of the wardrobe board, which can only be exchanged for an unpleasant home life in the end

bedroom wardrobe Figure 3

although there are many kinds of bedroom wardrobe in the market, there will be few new products in the recent wardrobe. Due to the slow down of research and development, many wardrobe flaunt original design, but it is difficult to develop truly original products. Originality has a vital influence on the development of products, the cognition of consumers and the establishment of brand characteristics, while many designers are limited by staying at home and making things behind closed doors. In contrast, most Western designers have repeatedly tested and used materials in life, familiar with and endowed furniture with the perception of life, integrating more personal perception and understanding. Create distinctive original furniture. Furniture with deep meaning and charm has the characteristics of spirit and soul, which is more worthy of learning and reference for domestic designers

bedroom wardrobe Figure 4

nowadays, everyone is constantly improving in terms of aesthetic concepts, and the requirements for the choice of home are also very high, some requirements are even very harsh, and the pursuit of perfection is the persistent belief of many people. Therefore, designers need to work hard to meet the challenges in the design of wardrobe. Maybe it is too harsh to pursue the ultimate beauty of wardrobe, but paying attention to the beauty of wardrobe is the direction of every designer. At the same time, returning the wardrobe to its essence and moving consumers with humanization in details is an important embodiment of people-oriented. Only by refining the added value of the wardrobe and innovating the wardrobe industry can we make the home fresh and make life better

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