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at present, aluminum alloy doors have greater advantages than other kinds of doors. First of all, aluminum alloy doors have corrosion resistance, strong fire resistance, long service life, environmental protection, energy saving and light weight; Secondly, the aluminum alloy door has good moisture-proof performance, high strength, durability, elegant appearance and high utilization rate; Moreover, its price is not high, and its ductility is good, and its installation is also convenient. Therefore, in the Guangdong market, most consumers are willing to choose aluminum alloy doors

as a manufacturer of high-quality aluminum alloy doors for different users across the country, Ronggao door industry has been trying to improve the style and technology of aluminum alloy doors. It is precisely because Ronggao door industry pursues "satisfactory aluminum alloy doors", so that many distinctive aluminum alloy doors can serve many customers across the country and get unanimous praise from customers

Ronggao aluminum alloy door rg-a258, delicate and elegant electrophoretic champagne color, elegant and charming, dark flower patterns lingering on the glass, fresh and natural, providing a warm and harmonious home atmosphere for home. Aluminum alloy doors are made of silicon and magnesium alloys, which are durable and durable, not easy to fade and not easy to deform. Stainless steel guide rail is used at the bottom of the aluminum alloy door, and the lock and pulley are made of German and domestic famous brands, which can push and pull smoothly. This aluminum alloy door is loved and sought after by the majority of consumers

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